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Did anybody here buy the Orient Union?

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    Did anybody here buy the Orient Union?

    Hi all,

    Did anyone end up buying the Orient Union ( that was featured on Dappered a week or two ago? I'm tempted to spring for it before the deal runs out, but I wanted to check to see if anyone had any thoughts on it before I do anything drastic. Thanks!


    I just spent a lot of time evaluating watches from Orient, Sea-Gull, etc.

    I ended up ordering the Orient Vintage and it'll be here this week. What did you want to know?



      stubedobedo that 50% off deal is always there. you can easily find some 50% coupon by searching online even their youtube description video usually have it.



        According to this post on reddit, Orient if phasing out their 50% off deals. Not sure how much truth is in that, but something to consider.



          Orient posted a message saying they're getting rid of the 50% off coupon codes on their facebook page. I just ordered from them and the DAPPEREDFEBRUARY code still worked at the end of last week.



            @Jason, which Vintage did you get? I see a couple on the site.

            Sucks about the 50% codes tough. I don't know if this is just a sales tactic or if they're legitimately not going to do 50% off codes anymore (with no corresponding lowering of sticker price), but I may give in and buy one. I really like a lot of their designs and I think it's time I start wearing a watch (especially now that I wear slimmer fitting pants, which makes it a hassle to pull my giant smartphone out of my pocket to check the time :P).

            My picks (on the cheaper end):

            Blue Ray Diver - love the color

            Vintage Modern - could be a fun casual/going out watch

            Cosmos - love the blue hands

            Union - classy

            So, buy 'em all? (kidding)



              @trash I got this one:


              I'm planning on getting a brown leather strap for it after it comes.



                stubedobedo: Yup, I bought the Orient Union (the brown leather strap one you linked to). I'm very happy with it and have already received quite a few compliments on it.



                  Ah, I was planning on buying a Union, or a Class, or both, but after spending so much on Clad I don't think I can pull the trigger right now. I really hope the codes will be back sometime soon.



                    I think the DAPPEREDFEBRUARY will still work... They're not getting rid of discount codes altogether, just moving down from 50% to 30%



                      Oh crap, I guess I shouldn't wait any longer, but my budget hasn't recovered from Christmas yet... nuts.



                        All right, I bought a blue Mako. I haven't worn a watch in years, but since it's an automatic I have to wear it every day to keep it wound, so no excuses. I'm pretty excited. Only thing I'd love is an exhibition caseback so I can ogle the movement when I'm bored, but I don't think it matters that much - I probably wouldn't bother removing it that often to look, and it's not like you can really see much happening anyway.



                          Yeah I read about Orient saying they're stopping the perpetual 50% off. I was just wondering if anyone had the Union and wanted to make sure it looked as good in person as it does on the site. Sounds like kinojay33 has one and likes it, so I went ahead with it. DAPPEREDFEBRUARY still nets you a 50% reduction in price.



                            Pics or it didn't happen



                              I secretly (or not so secretly now) suspect that OWUSA is just doing this as a marketing ploy.

                              "50%'s ending soon!!! Better get 'em while they're hot!!!"