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Mr. Porter's 30 essentials

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    Mr. Porter's 30 essentials

    There's a thread on StyleForum discussing the list of 30 "essentials" from Mr. Porter, I thought I'd mention it here to see what the Dappered community thinks.

    I have some form of most of the items (though none as nice as what Mr. Porter sells), but I don't see myself ever *needing* a velvet jacket or dinner jacket, and I can get by fine without turtlenecks or a robe. Good list overall though.


    I also have most of the stuff mentioned here, and I can't ever see buying a velvet jacket either. I think next time I am required to wear a tux (which will be the first time, btw) I will buy rather than rent.

    I agree that I don't need turtlenecks. I'm bald, and bald guy + turtleneck = turtle(or worse). I also have no plans to buy a camel overcoat.



      I have no desire to own any turtlenecks, but I'd love to have a camel overcoat. Goes great over a navy suit.



        LOL @ Luis Morais bracelet. I guess Mr. Porter has some extra in stock they want to move.



          The bracelet threw me off. Everything else mentioned seems rather classic (despite if I agree with it being essential). The bracelet seems rather Johnny Depp. Not that there's anything wrong with sporting a bracelet like the one mentioned, I just don't feel it fits with the rest of the article.

          Edit: Haha, beat me to it Chareth.



            I'm starting to think one of their 21-year old interns wrote up this list based on shit he saw on SF.

            For their "Grey Suit" entry, they say "pale grey is a stylish choice", right under the banner that says "...for autumn/winter".



              I love a lot of their features, and the essentials list is great except for a few items, such as the velvet blazer. You can tell it was meant to sell you into all their categories of offerings. They are a pretty classic-style bunch for the most part, and i enjoy some of the old photos they use as examples for style.



                Found myself mentally checking of the list, with a few exceptions:


                Rollnecks - maybe it's the climate in Oz, but aside from the occasional black rollneck at a Gallery opening, hardly ever seen.

                Chambray shirt - kidding right??

                Loafers - needs some expansion in my classic shoes style collection

                A Weekend Bag - need a leather investment piece - hoping for an Italian bargain at the end of the year

                Camel overcoat - real Camel- a treasured posession!

                Underwear - a comprehensive collection

                Pyjamas - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER - gave them up as a 16yo - a most ridiculous garment - fine cotton sheets are by far the best and only thing to sleep in!



                  As I think we can all tell now, some items really depend on the person. I don't think bracelets look good on men, I wouldn't wear Chambray shirts because I am not Jay Leno, and I just don't like loafers much.