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    Shorts length

    What do you guys think of the length on these?

    I usually buy shorts that fall right on the knee, so not sure if these are too short. Don't want to be accused of wearing shorts like Wilt: :-)


    Those are definitely not too short. I usually buy my shorts that length or shorter. But I have short legs so anything longer makes me look ridiculous.



      The length is fine. All my shorts are around that length and never hit the knee. I prefer it that way. Nobody will give you crap about it.



        Definitely not too short, but I personally wouldnt go any shorter.



          That's my ideal length, just above the knee. If you're young, fit, and tan, you can go shorter (mid-thigh length). I'm young and in decent shape but I think it's safe to assume that no one wants to be blinded by my pasty Norwegian gams.

          The Style Blogger guy made me cringe a little bit when he did his jackets + shorts feature.




            Yeah, those look perfect. Let us know how they fit and feel in person



              I'm going to disagree with my honorable thread-ites and say that those are too short for comfort. Keep in mind that they'll ride up when you sit down.



                How long are your legs? I don't like how they fit the models. I prefer my shorts to hit right at the kneecap, but I have really short legs so a 9" inseam would probably do that for me.



                  Christina Hendricks thinks they should not go below the knee.

                  We agree with Christina Hendricks.



                    @Thekillabeejc, I'm 6'0" and wear 32" inseam pants.



                      I think those shorts are a touch high. There's the comfort factor and the look. They would probably be more comfortable since they completely clear the knee. Nothing about shorts irritates me more than to have my kneecap tickled with every step. It either has to sit about or below it, or I'm going to be annoyed.

                      Still, I would opt for the slightly-more-preppy, slighly-more-old-man-ish look than the skater/surfer look with long board shorts. I have some shorts that are above the knee and some that sit just beyond that irritating point of the kneecap. But I seem to remember my 9" shorts sitting a little lower than what's pictured by Bonobos.



                        9" inseam shorts are really not that short. Unless you are tall, you should be fine. You should measure to see where they are going to hit on you, though. Honestly, 9" is on the long side of what I would want for myself, but I am a bit short. 10" ones are annoyingly long, to me. If you aren't tall, the last thing you want is a long pair of shorts that makes you look shorter than you are.



                          Idea: go measure a pair you already have and roll them to a 9" inseam. Then, sit down and see if you feel like a particular part of you, one that generally stays hidden in public, is going to flop out.



                            IMO, how short you can go (less than 9") depends on a few things:

                            * Your height

                            * Your leg thickness

                            * Your leg hairiness

                            * Your skin color

                            * The rest of your outfit

                            Personally, I think anything from 9-11" probably works best for most people of around average height and I stay in that range, but prefer 10-11" mostly (with a slim leg).



                              9" is as long as I would go, but I'm short.