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Can these be considered casual sneakers like Jack Purcell's?

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    Can these be considered casual sneakers like Jack Purcell's?

    Please don't bite my head off. I'm new to this all x]


    They look kinda skateboard-shoe-ish to me...



      They are(bummer). I want to buy a pair of Purcell's but I'm a bit broke. Can I pull it off? I know Joe says Purcell's are the highly versatile, but at the moment, I can't get them.

      Would it be odd to wear this with a sport coat if everything else is spot on?



        zappos has plenty of basic sneakers for not very much money. has a smaller selection for much cheaper, but you will have to know your size. Otherwise, Target.

        This isn't a very sneaker-heavy forum. If the problem is that you don't know what you like yet, I suggest looking through this thread for ideas:

        Note: You will probably have to wade through a sea of derision to get any information on styleforum. Also, they often like weird things, and most people are best served by keeping things fairly simple. Look for simple and classic.



          I've purchased from 6pm before so it was good that you brought it up. The thing is, I've never worn sneakers before that are very "low cut" because I have flat feet and MUST wear orthotics in my shoes. Do you have any suggestions for casual shoes that are highly versatile that allow me to place inserts(I use superfeet orthotics) in them?



            @British, Potentially Onitsuka Tigers. They can be had for pretty cheap during a sale and have a nice style.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              What's your budget?



                If price is an issue, why not go for Chuck Taylor's instead? Similar, classic look and it's very versatile.



                  What size?



                    REI is clearing out some Simple shoes (I guess the company is going out of business). I bought the Sno Tire in "bison" and like it. Similar to Chucks but not as ubiquitous, and they're made with a lot of organic and recycled materials.

                    Very comfortable due to a thick foam insole (though you may want to size up a bit, or buy a couple sizes if you have an REI nearby to return to). Not the most cutting edge style, but I think they'll be great summer sneakers.



                      I was looking for some canvas sneakers earlier and the best price I found was about $20. Hold out for a decent sale and you ought to be able to find a nice canvas sneaker for not too much money.

                      The key to sneakers is that they should be simple, low-profile, and in a neutral color like white, grey, or navy blue. Black is neutral too, but to me it looks a little harsh against the bright white accents. Plus, as a skate shoe, that one's probably relatively chunky.

                      If you want a shoe that mixes simple canvas looks with a skate shoe vibe, I'd suggest checking out Vans.




                        Not sure about the orthotics, but these in navy are nice, simple and cheap:


                        If you wait for a coupon code, you can probably get them cheaper and shipped for free.



                          @forbrit: I feel your pain on the orthotics - quite literally, in fact. I usually forego them in my shoes, but then I can't walk around for more than about 30 minutes before my back starts to hurt. If I know I'm going to a specific event that requires a lot of standing, I'm limited on which shoes I can wear.

                          Anyways, back on topic... Have you tried Marshalls? I think I've seen some Purcells down there, and of course they were discounted.



                            Seavees 05/65 have a removeable insole that you can replace with your Superfeet.



                              I saw these at my local Marshalls for $20: