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Grey Herringbone Coat?

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    Grey Herringbone Coat?

    Anyone know where I can get a Grey Herringbone Topcoat in 3/4 length and slim to slimmer fitting? Price isn't so much of a concern but value is, if that makes any sense.

    Been looking for years, and have never really seen one that fits me. I'd appreciate it if anyone knows of a retailer that sells one.


    A lot of stores are already rolling out spring collections. Could be hard to find a 3/4 top coat now, but i'll keep my eyes open. Any preference in style? And what's your size?



      If you're a medium, this seems to fit your requirements:

      Well... all the requirements except for trim fitting. But if you're wearing it over a suit jacket, it's going to have some wiggle room. The more I look at it, the more I like it.



        I bought this during the Nordstrom 2 Day sale after Christmas and like it.

        Goes with just about everything. I'd like a camel colored jacket, but this was a good first formal overcoat.

        To answer your question, yes, that's me modeling it. ;-)



          Alan, in terms of the pattern that's definitely what I'm looking for, if perhaps a touch darker and greyer (meaning less black and white). I was looking for something slightly more formal with lapels (and flap pockets would be an additional plus, but not necessary). Not looking to wear it over a suit, maybe a sweater at the most, which is why I still need the slim fit.

          I have noticed that the spring collections are coming out now, so I suppose I should have started this thread earlier. But I have been looking for quite a number of years, so it's never really been on the forefront of my shopping list.



            Well without meaning to nit-pick (and I don't want to sound like a jerk), a "topcoat" is usually (though admittedly not always) assuming a suit underneath. You may want to reconsider your search terms if you're just looking for a slim 3/4 length coat.

            This one does appear to have some waist suppression, is more tonal grey than black/white, and it's a cashmere blend...

            It's also still $300 on sale :-S


            No pocket flaps, either.



              I've been searching with many, many variations of terms and no luck so far. And don't worry, I'm pretty sure you're not a jerk, so I didn't take it that way.

              I did see that one, but the "regular fit" is scaring me off a bit. And the color is perhaps a bit too dark. I'm looking for something closer to your first one in color but your second one in style.



                I have a Theory double-breasted herringbone coat I purchased 2 years ago. Theory has a generally slim fit and may meet your fit req.



                  What size are you? 40 L by chance?



                    Leave it to the thrift posse. :-)



                      Unfortunately, no, I'm a 38R. Which does remind me, though, that I should try eBay again...



                        I really like this one - although being charcoal might be too dark for you.

                        It's not quite what you have asked for, but it is a sweet coat!




                          This is an awesome coat for a 40R:





                            The CT coat above is GBP 170.10 - not sure of postage costs to USA, but would have to be better total price than styleforum example.

                            I see that my link doesn't work, but easy to find in "Outerwear" tab on


                            I know they also have a couple of stores in NYC, so anyone in that area might be able to see and try them, then tell the rest of us how good they are.