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Should I buy this BB suit?

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    Should I buy this BB suit? 4.m1438.l2649

    I think it has my exact measurements. It even has flat-front pants! Regent is supposed to be slimmer, though not as slim as Milano. I'm pretty desperate for a suit, as I only have one suit and it is BLACK. My only concern is the chest.


    Chest circumference: 40.5-41

    Pit-pit: 20.5-21

    Jacket Length: 30.75

    Sleeve Length: 25.25

    Shoulder-Shoulder: 18.5

    Jacket Waist: 15.5-16

    6'1" 177lbs.


    That looks like a great suit. I think it's well worth the $189 plus alterations. You might have to have a tailor loosen it in the chest a bit but that extra 1" in the chest makes a big difference.



      JC, you are the best. You've helped me so much the past few weeks I've been on here. What makes that fabric so much better than others? I've read about it but not much.

      For future reference, how can I tell through measurements if a jacket has waist suppression? Andrew's measurement article talks about a 2-4" difference, but on my jacket, the difference is only 1.5" but it contours quite well, and almost as much as I would like it to be perfect(maybe another inch).



        Is there a BB store near you? I'd try it on in person first, unless you don't mind gambling. Brooks Brothers these days tends to mark their clothes truer to size than most other retailers. You might even find that the Regent fit just doesn't work on you.

        Know that the Fitzgerald and Regent are called "slimmer", but on skinny people, it'll basically look like a classic cut suit, for the most part. Note that it's more of a slim fit, rather than an athletic fit.

        And I know the item's description says that the suit retails for $1690, but that's an outright lie. Full price for a Regent suit is $1000-$1100, with the caveat being that rarely do people pay full price (at people like us on the Internet). Depending on sales and corporate discounts, you can get those suits for $500-$800.



          Right, this is going to take alterations unless you're incredibly lucky. However, Brooks Brothers suits that are made in Italy are VERY well made, and you can see the attention to detail in things like the pick stitching around the lapels, the pocket flaps, etc. Also, Loro Piana is the best fabric mill in the world (or one of the best 2 or 3 at the very least) so this will be a very high quality garment and well worth the money to buy and have altered to fit you since it's very close to begin with.



            Yup, I had been looking at the Regent's and Milano's prior to this by about 2 hours. One thing that concerns me is the pants. I actually don't know anything other than the trouser's waist, inseam, and opening. How do I know what my rise or seat should be? I'm going to grab a tape measure and head upstairs to grab my pants.



              Nice suit. The fact that it has a 7 day return policy from the seller helps take out some of the uncertainty.



                All suits in their 1818 line should be very high quality. To my knowledge, they're only assembled in the US and Italy. If you get them on sale -- or on eBay for a good price -- you'll get one of the best half-canvas suits out there, in my opinion.

                You do have to watch out for 1818 sport coats though; I've noticed they tend to be made in Thailand.



                  Thanks for the heads up, Chareth. I am praying to God right now that the pants are not too roomy, and the rise is not too long. I measured my favorite trousers right now and(if I did it correctly) the distance between the top of the pants and bottom of the crotch is 12". How tight should it be?



                    Just try them on when they come... If it's not something you want to get fixed at the tailor it sounds like you can return it.



                      The way I figure, the suit is already ordered and the pants are on the way. You can make all the estimations you want, but you'll have a much clearer picture when they come in. Once you try them on, you should know pretty quickly.

                      Also, what's your waist size and do you have any belly? Waists on suit pants are generally higher than other pants and any belly at all will push the waist down in the front, causing some bunching in front, flaring of the pockets, and/or excess material in the crotch area. The less belly, the better the pants are likely to fit. Belts work, but suspenders are better.

                      So how would you characterize the shape of your midsection?

                      If it's any consolation, your jacket will do a reasonable job of covering up any issues you might have. But I wouldn't even be worried.



                        Don't stress about the pants too much - as long as the waist is within a few inches, pants can be completely remade.



                          My waist is a 35-36 and I carry most of my fat in my midsection. I don't know how to describe my belly, but I have a visible 4 pack. Unfortunately, I still have enough fat so that my obliques are a smidgen wider(1") than my waist at my ribs.

                          Okay, I'll empty my mind of it.



                            I agree with nicholas that you shouldn't stress out about the pants too much, but I will add that they can only be remade to a certain point. Chances are, however, if the rise is right for you, the rest can be slimmed down. If the rise is simply too high, you should return it; you'd have to find a master tailor to alter it, it wouldn't be cheap and there's no guarantee that it would still look right on you.



                              I'm not sure there is a "right" rise... It's just how far they pull up when you're wearing them. It's a design decision, not a measurement that's different for different people.