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purchasing new luggage bags --- tips

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    purchasing new luggage bags --- tips

    looking for a good quality carry-on bag. current one is 5-7yrs old and in terrible shape. it certainly doesnt help that it was cheap and not especially well constructed.

    any ones that you guys recommend?




      I used to buy cheap luggage that would break after a few trips because it could not take the abuse from the lugagge handlers at the airport, so I finally decided to buy three pieces from Briggs and Riley and the quality is fantastic. I have owned the luggage for about 8 years now and still looks great. They are expensive but they offer a lifetime guarantee, so if anything happens to it, they will fix it.

      My pieces from them are in the Olive color, so they are easier to pick out from all the black bags going through the luggage carousel at the airport.



        I'll second Briggs and Riley (quality and warranty).

        I have a work bag from them whose zipper had come off. One quick stop to a local repair center and it was fixed in 15 minutes. All I had to do was sign a form.



          No dice on that link, JC. Maybe you meant this?



            Weird, yes.. That's what I was trying to link, and they also recommend Briggs & Riley.



              I fell in love with the Hartmann tweed series a while back, and someday I will own a set - even if I have to piece it together myself. Most rolling luggage in the tweed series is pullman style and meant for checking, but they have carry-on sized luggage without rollers.


              The Pullmans aren't particularly practical, but damn are they cool.



                Yeah, I love the Hartmann tweeds too. I've been looking at getting some but I haven't wanted to spend the money.



                  Yeah, it's hard for me to justify buying luggage when the stuff we have still works and we don't even have any trips on the horizon with grad school in the way.



                    Those hartmann tweed bags look pretty nice. They're not too expensive either. I might pick one up if the price is right Thanks for sharing.



                      Briggs & Riley if you got the money, Delsey if you don't.

                      Consumer Reports has a section on luggage, might want to check it out at your local library.



                        I just did a ton of research on this.

                        Luggage ultimately gets down to about 3 or 4 categories:

                        1. Lifetime warranty, no questions asked. High quality (ballistic nylon, replaceable wheels), insanely expensive. Example: Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek Platinum series, Victorinox, etc. Around $250-$300 for a 26". Check deals on sierratradingpost - can find some with odd colors/styles for $200. A possible bargain: Costco carries their 22" for around $130, can be returned anytime.

                        2. Lifetime warranty, but only on workmanship, not on damage from airlines, etc. High quality (ballistic nylon, replaceable wheels). Example: Travel Pro, some lines of Samsonite. Around $160 for a 26"

                        3. Limited warranty (3-10 years), ok quality. Regular nylon fabric, non-replaceable wheels. Delsey, Samsonite, etc. Usually around $70-$100 for a 26".

                        4. Junk - throw-away luggage from department stores, etc that are like $20-$50.

                        For my main luggage, I decided on a Travel Pro Crew 8 for $160 (26"). The ballistic nylon is nice and tough, and I really like the high quality replaceable wheels. I figure wheels fail the most commonly. That said, I wasn't a big fan of the interior layout of the bag.

                        I opted for #2 above. It seemed like a nice price/quality ratio. Yes, it won't cover airline damage, but airlines cover that already. Options #3 and #4 seem like a good idea until you pickup your luggage at a foreign airport and it's in 3 pieces.

                        Also, I'll check my email. I think I saw a deal running somewhere for Victorinox 22" carry-ons for $99. EDIT: It was - looks like the sale is over, though.



                          As for the Costco/Briggs & Riley deal, I only see 7 warehouses with them. If you are lucky enough to live near one of them, I would say go for it.