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    I got my hands on a pair of these over the weekend. I tried a pair of 12's, the only pair in the store. Ordinarily I'm an 11.5 in most dress shoes, and a 12 in many sneakers (Adidas).

    If this pair was any indication, they are not only large, but borderline huge for size. I had more than an inch past the end of my big toe.

    I'd imagine what's happening is that these are typical of many cheaper shoes...sizing is all over the map, so if you want these you better buy the pair you try on that fits.


      After ordering in the 11's, they ended up perfect. So mine are a half size big, as I'm usually an 11.5. Like a lot of us, one foot is bigger than the other by a bit. My left foot is smaller than my right, a 10.5 might have worked there but no way it would have fit my right foot.