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Quality socks, aka "bruschetta's gone off the deep end"

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    Quality socks, aka "bruschetta's gone off the deep end"

    Hey guys, I'm on a mission to find better quality socks. I realize that obsessing over such a little detail has essentially confirmed the fact that I've gone off the deep end. C'est la vie. Here are the qualifications I'm looking for:

    1. Inexpensive. Under $10 each.

    2. Classy. I need socks to wear with my dress shoes, as well as my more casual shoes. Keep in mind that casual for me is a pair of AE McTavish's at $290.

    3. Quality. They should last at least a year.

    Here's what I've already tried:

    Gold Toe: these last for ~2 months of rotated wear before fading to the point where they look horrible.

    J. Crew: surprisingly good quality, but expensive. They run $10 for a pair when on sale.

    Ralph Lauren: Expensive crap. They retain their color, but the elastic wears out after two washes. Two. Two!

    Ralph Lauren Polo: Expensive casual socks. They cost a lot. They do last for a while.

    Target Merona: I only have two pairs of these, so the jury is still out. They're $2.50 each, which I like, and they look as good as my $20 Ralph Lauren socks.


    I've heard good things about Pantherella socks, which can be had for cheap on Sierra Trading Post if you throw in one of their frequent %-off codes. I've seen them for under $10 before but they seem to have little stock at the moment.



      Hmm..."socks", don't tell me, that does sound familiar...

      Also; you're a delicious olive-oil drizzled tomato and garlic piece of bread; the fact that you type is crazy, wearing clothes is necessary, lest you be mobbed and taken away by the government. BLEND IN, MAN! DON'T LET THEM GET YOU!



        I'd be willing to join in on a group buy... just a thought



          Have you tried socks by Robert Graham? You can sometimes find them on clearance for $9-$15/pair. I know that is a bit more than you'd want to spend, but they definitely up the "style" factor.

          I'd also be down for a group buy if I could find some more stylish socks (colorful stripes/patterns).



            I'm up to 3 drawers of socks.



              Guys, I have taken a trip out to the local Target three times in the past two weeks. My Target seems to have stopped carrying the Merona socks. Darn!

              Does anyone else have any recommendations for good, interesting socks?



                Try another Target? They've got a TON of socks right now. I picked up a pair with dogs on them. I saw that JC picked up some with anchors. Then they have the requisite argyle in multiple color combos (including my post today in the WIWT thread). In fact, I may go back for more.



                  Oooooo target just opened in Toronto. Ones like 2 minutes from my place, I may check it out for these socks!



                    VK Nagrani are the most high quality socks I own. I found someone on StyleForum selling them for 5$ a pop, marked down from 45$, which was a steal. If you can find similar prices, I would highly recommend them. Over the Calf and great designs/colours.



                      Send me your McTavish's and i'll unveil the secret to amazing socks.



                        I picked up a pair of Merona socks with the toes sewn shut! No hassle exchange, but it was interesting. Definitely tons of sock options at my local Targets. Also - DSW has a good in-store sock selection.



                          Alan, based on your suggestion I just completed a two hour Target search. I managed to find...two different pairs of socks. The Targets around here stink!

                          Nicholas, thank you for the DSW recommendation. I'm not sure that we have them out here, but I'll check.

                          Jordan, send me that car and I'll send you the McTavish's.



                            Doh! Sorry you went to al that trouble. I'm thinking of picking up the squirrel socks and maybe one more pattern. I wish they had horizontal stripes.and really funky colors, but all the critters are fun.



                              Here are a few that I found at Nordstrom:



                              (Black & Charcoal)






                              If you order over the phone they're $3 less expensive per pair. They also had some cool Ted Baker socks, but I didn't like the branding:

                              I also checked out Dillards and Macy's. The Macy's socks were around $5 each, but the quality wasn't that great. I also didn't like the colors they had available. Dillards was a bust.