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Should I get these shoes fixed?

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    I'm assuming all AE shoes I'm posting are FG leather, no? 4.m1438.l2649

    I hope the bids don't go too high -.-' I don't want to spend more than $100.



      Yes, all of their dress shoes will be.

      Go to and you can set the maximum price you'll pay for a pair and it will try to snipe them for you at the last minute. You can set up several, give them all the same group number, and it will try to get them one at a time and stop when you've gotten one.

      Make sure you search for the same shoe on eBay and see what the other auctions for that style are ending at... on the left click on the "completed auctions" and you'll see how they ended. Green means someone got them at that price, red means they didn't sell. That will give you a good feeling for what you should be paying.



        JC,thanks for the tip. I don't see "completed auctions", though. Am I to do that on eBay or Gixen? My gixen watchlist is very limited in the number of actions I can take.

        ***Saw it. I don't see ANY cap toes in my size that I can compare in price, though.

        For myself:



          Well, search for some AE's you like for sale on eBay and post some links... We can help you look at the pics and description and set a reasonable price



            @forbrit: If you throw out some general requirements, I'm the same size so I might already be following something on my watch list that i could apss along. I'm not buying anything, anyway. I'm just collecting.



              I wear a 12 D(though sometimes I feel I need E because I have getting my heel in). After I get my foot in, it's all good.

              I'm looking for:

              -full-grain, like Jason mentioned

              -sub $100 purchases. I saw several AE shoes on eBay sell for less than 100, but the ones in size 12 tended to go for higher

              -Brown, as I don't like black shoes. These are for business, but I want to be more fashion forward.

              -Minimal toe crease, but that the value of the shoe is obviously price dependent

              -Sole that has 1 year or more left in it. I'm indifferent about heels, and not knowledgeable about them

              That should be it really - I can't think of anything else. Thanks for the help, you two.

              How often does Gixen update the prices on its website?

              ***Hahaha, look at this shill bidding:


              Those are damn nice shoes, too. Too bad.

              Requesting opinions on shoes and how AE shoes differ from each other:






                ***Double post:updating my list of shoes that you think I should go for:

                I listed these earlier, but what is the name of this shoe? Is it possible to make this look super shiny?






                The right shoe of the Lexington's is coming undone in the right heel: can it be mended for cheap? Some of them don't have names and I don't know if I should add them to my list or not. Let me know which ones are worth shooting for.

                Is the link under the Merot in my previous post a Park avenue? It only has 5 eyelets.



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                    JC/other mod, can you delete the above post?



                      Sorry, Fellas. I know I'm posting a LOT of shoes.

                      These worth it?


                      Can these be worn as business shoes?





                        you've done a lot of hunting, but what is the environment that you will be working in? Certain shoes will be better depending on how conservative it is.

                        Out of all the ones you've listed I think the best conditioned/looking ones are:





                        However, as a dress shoe which you seem to be implying, I'd go with a balamoral rather than blucher opening since it'll give you a more formal appearance although either one is actually fine in America.





                          Hi, AcousticFoodie,

                          This is for business. So far, I only have chacoal and black suits. I like the brogue detail on the sanfords. Thing is, the brown(walnut?) shoes you picked, are they too light for my suits or business in general? How much would it cost to fix the Lexington upper?

                          How about this color?




                            The last shoe you pointed out from style forum is a bicycle toe. I would consider it quite casual.

                            The style of the very first pair of shoes you found (that you're returning) is pretty much dead on - a cap toe balmoral. As acoustic mentioned, bluchers are acceptable, but a balmoral is preferable. You could also do wingtips, but they would be excluded from the dressiest of settings. Cap toes will take you anywhere. Plain toes are just boring to me (unless we're talking about boots), but that's a personal preference thing.

                            Also, it should be medium brown to dark brown (or black if you're so inclined).



                              Yeah, I figured the bicycle toe was less formal after thinking about it. I want to get a good brown pair but the only one in a suitable color is damaged. Can you check this one out for me Alan? I want to know if it's worth getting fixed.


                              How come more open lacing systems can't be work to the most formal of events?

                              I've decided now to get a pair of black balmoral shoes, and a brown pair of bluchers.

                              Why does this fella say these are AE shoes, but lists the brand as Bragano?I googled it but was unable to find out what it really is.




                                I think the dark burgundy like the Lexington's you linked to is the most versatile shoe color. It can work with any color gray or navy.

                                Those last ones are AE's... He probably copied the listing from another one he was doing and forgot to change it.