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Should I get these shoes fixed?

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    Here you go, Alan:

    These marks were simply made by holding the shoe and rubbing the side of the sole(both on the instep and outstep) onto the tile of myhouse. Not too much force was necessary.



      I can only guess, but it seems to me that they put some sort of polish or dressing on there to make it look nice for the pics, but now it's coming off. I'm thinking enough elbow grease will get that off, but if push comes to shove, you can always take it to a cobbler and he can get them cleaned up. Beyond that, I really don't know what to tell you.



        I'll wait until I resole my shoes. In the meantime, I just won't arbitrarily rub my shoes on my house's tile =]

        Speaking of which, how do I know when I need to resole my shoes? I also want to get that crease diminished as much as possible. How much is a reasonable price for the above services?



          @forbritisheyes I would suggest you not sink a lot of money into trying to fix these shoes... The reason they have a deep crease is that they're made of corrected grain leather (sanded down then coated with plastic to look smooth).

          They're not going to come back from being creased.



            Awww, damn. I didn't know that. I would have saved the moolah and bought some used Alden's or AE's for double the price. Why do SF'ers say to stay away from corrected grain leather? Does that also mean they aren't worth resoling?



              @forbrit: The shoes appear to have a lot of life in them if you can discount the crease. You can always just wear them for what they are, and not have to worry about them.

              Don't be like me. I bought some fancy English-made shoes, and now I'm finding myself cautious about every step I take. I find myself being cautious about every little puddle or pebble for fear of damaging the soles. I don't even like walking on wet sidewalks in them, and the other day I even walked around the outside of a parking lot because I thought the pavement looked too broken up. :-P I love my shoes, but I've never before checked the weather report to see if it's a good day to wear them or not.

              ... and don't even get me started on worrying whether my closet is too cold or too dry for my nice leather shoes. :-S



                Yes... Stay away from corrected grain leather because it doesn't soften and wear well, it creases and cracks and doesn't last. Also, the plastic coating they put over it keeps it from breathing well so it traps moisture leading it to break down faster. Shoe trees may help and may soften those creases some, but over time those creases will turn into cracks. Also, usually corrected grain leather shoes are usually glued to the soles rather than welted, so resoling isn't really possible.



                  @Alan, I do the same, but I love my Bean Boots and carry my nice shoes to change into in the office



                    Jason, should I return these, then? I couldn't find the exact model online, so I assumed they were good ol' normal leather. I want shoes that are super comfortable; these are,but only to the degree with which I've worn them(30mins). Though, I am kind of broke right now. How long do you think they'll last if I wear them 2-3x/week for an hour or two?



                      I would say yes. On sale you can find J&M of that quality for $30 new. I'm not sure how long they'd last... If you put good shoe trees in them and tried to get some leather conditioner into the crease maybe 9 months?



                        I can find them NEW for $30? Would they be made of the leather that better shoes are made of? And where at?



                          Well, no, for full grain leather you'll have to pay more, but for the same quality new instead of used... I'd try an outlet mall. There's a Bass outlet near me that has this kind of shoe for around $30-40.

                          I'd suggest saving up a bit more and getting some used AE's or the like.



                            I think I will, thanks. I'll find whatever is cheapest, whether it's an Alden or AE pair.

                            Can you tell me which one is Worth it?






                            Some look to be CG leather shoes.



                              For reference, the Allen Edmonds equivalent of your current shoe's style is called the Fifth Avenue.


                              The less-flashy version is called the Park Avenue and the flashier version is called the Strand. All three are popular.



                                I'd stick with the AE's... Some Cole Haan can be pretty good, but it's hard to tell without feeling them in person. Also, always ask for a picture of the soles.