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Why are you people online on a Friday night?

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    My friday night consisted of dinner and a movie. We saw Safe House with D. Washington. Pretty entertaining movie, I enjoyed it.

    Then again, I appreciate the acting of particular actors over plots sometimes. And in my eyes, Denzel always produces movies worth watching due to his immaculate acting.



      I do homework Friday night so I can go all out Saturday =]



        Well, looks like I'm staying in Saturday night too, time to catch up on my Netflix queue

        Anybody have any good tips for meeting people (ahem, women) that don't involve going to bars? After reading Dappered for months I feel like I'm all dressed up with no place to go.



          Trash- How big is the city you live in? If you live in big enough place, go to various events that are free or have small covers. Great place to meet women that are like minded.



            Friday and Saturday Knick games....gotta loved the shortened season! Plus I'm lame...



              @trash, go to and find (or start?) a meetup group about learning to cook



                I went to 5 bars on Friday. :/



                  Trash: Find somewhere you like to go. Then go there. A lot. Smile at everyone and attempt to start up a conversation with anyone who smiles back. Some of them will be attractive girls, others will know attractive girls. Everyone falls in one of those two categories. Smile often, be friendly, and have fun. Flirt lightly, but confidently and unashamed. Do it because its fun to flirt with girls, don't have expectations. Accept virtually all invitations that don't involve overly creepy people. One does not "meet girls" very often. At least not the ones you want to meet. One builds a social life that, with continuing expansion, encompasses girls.

                  My favorite hangout is a divebar/coffee shop. I rarely drink anything with alcohol. I started going there about 3-4 months ago and I can now reliably expect to know at least a few people every time I go at virtually any time of the day. And, I just had a very lovely weekend with a pretty and well-dressed girl I met there through a mutual friend. I should mention that my social life hit its lifelong low-point about 4 months ago, now I am doing quite well.



                    Learn to flirt with guys too, it's very helpful to meet girls.



                      Develop a clear direction in your life and start working towards that goal. A woman of value who is compatible with that vision will gravitate towards you, provided you're open to her company and position yourself in the right places at the right times.

                      Pickup lines work as a laugh, but being well-dressed opens more doors. Once that door is open, being rich or poor is less important than going in the right direction.



                        As for ways to meet girls... And I'm serious when I say this...

                        That's where I met my wife, and a number of our married couple friends have met there, too. maybe it's because their headquarters is here in Dallas, but it's extremely common here and nobody gives it a second thought.

                        There are a LOT of pretty girls on there, too. Of course, the bigger the city you live in, the better off you'll be. But that holds true regardless of your venue for meeting people.

                        Just as in meeting people while out and about, though, there's a right and a wrong way to approach them online. For example, asking them questions about themselves that PROVE you've read their profile (rather than just looked at their pictures) goes a long way.



                          FWIW, I never met my wife until I bought a house. However, after i closed on the house, I met my future wife within a matter of mmonths. When i asked her if me being a homeowner was a factor for her, she admitted that it helped. Women like stability. I'm not suggesting you have to own a home to land a girl, but anything to show stability helps. And if you're improving your own life in the process, what's the harm?

                          And in that vein, I think dressing well certainly can't hurt. If you can compose your wardrobe, it's more likely that you can compose your life, right?



                            I just realized this week that some of my friends get dates online. They might be looking more for hookups than love, though.



                              Met my spouse online in 2006, back when it was unheard of.



                                @nich: What site?