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Why are you people online on a Friday night?

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    Why are you people online on a Friday night?

    I've got an excuse. I'm doing homework and studying for accounting class first thing in the morning. What's your excuse? :-P


    I have no friends. Well I have one best friend and another close one, but they live back in my hometown and I am in college. It sounds sad, but I'm a solitary guy who doesn't get too impressed or interested with my peers. I am a college freshman but my Google demographic rating is 25-34 if that clarifies why I might not mesh with them. I'd rather meet people in my career or at least when they have matured more around me. The graphic tees... oh the things they say. It is just painful. I shout "YOUTHS!" in fear and run into my dorm when I see a group of them walking by at night.

    Boring 40 year old life seems kind of nice to me. My brain skipped the part where you want to go to the movies just to loiter, make fun of the teachers, and use slang wildly as you browse social networking sites.



      Fair enough, but don't forget... Half of them are women. :-O

      Edit: Technically, a little over half. The odds are in your favor.



        I spent nearly 10 years working as a club DJ in NYC. I've had my fun.



          Yeah, but a small percent are attractive and an even smaller percent don't have awful teenage personalities that overuse the words 'like' and 'f**k'. The odds of finding a satisfying one at this literal age are tough with my mental age. I'd rather grow up and meet a Kate Middleton, Tina Fey, or Pam Halpert type. Who knows? Maybe I'll find some Emma Watson young girl with her head on straight already. At this point though, someone like Lana Del Rey would be my miracle find. Standards too high? Nah. I know realistically it is going to be a match made on a whole lot more than some great celebrity characteristics.

          At the moment, alone isn't lonely. I have a good time to myself when my roommate is gone. I'll be watching The Passion of The Christ next... I swear it is more fun then it sounds.



            Hah, I hear ya, Cannon. I'm going on 28 and in my early 20s I only dated girls in the 29-30ish range. It wasn't till around 24-25 that I even had a steady relationship with anyone my age and I still can't do much younger than my age now, without pulling my hair out. I keep getting older but they stay the same age! (I don't think that phrase is supposed to be used in combination with this dilemma, however.)

            I'm goofing off online because I was in a car accident at the end of December and broke my femur. Got a rod in my leg and am managing to limp around pretty well (mostly with the assistance of a cool, old wooden cane) but going to a bar or somewhere too crowded is still out of the question. I have done so much sitting around these past 6 weeks that I literally feel as if I've watched all of Netflix.

            I think I'm going to watch A Single Man because I've been looking at suits all night online.

            Earlier tonight I used some tax return money to pickup a couple watches and a watch box + some colored dress laces, online. Figure a little retail therapy might cheer me up since I unintentionally participated in the no-buy January on account of the accident.



              @VespaMatt Best of luck healing there. I have wanted to watch A Single Man also, though it sparked from my love of James Bond and his current outfitter, the director, Tom Ford.

              I am thankfully not weird or antisocial, so I didn't go through any trouble socially really. I was not unpopular nor popular. I was the guy at the side of the room that people didn't mind talking to, but didn't go out of their way to talk to. And it was fine with me. While they all tried to smuggle in their t-shirts and be rad, I loved our school dress code of collared shirts only because it meant I had to dress like James Bond in the Bahamas everyday.

              Yeah, I'm just not into most of these girls who get annoyed with their parents and dress like cliquey-looking teenagers (even though they are). I am pretty far past the part where parents don't know anything.

              I like the more conservative women in Hollywood, especially when they seem mature, classy, and at least appreciate looking like a traditional classy woman, but not having to all the time. Lana Del Rey is a bit of a mixed exception. I like her heavy influences from 50s and 60s Hollywood icons and I think she stands out musically with her great composing and writing along with a good production team that manages some great darker pop (I have an incredibly wide taste in music. Elvis and Eminem get to be pals on my iPhone). In an interview she said her favorite movies are The Godfather Parts I and II, and the score of American Beauty was the heaviest influence on her writing and composing. She also hates My Best Friend's Wedding and The Sweetest Thing, those wedding romantic comedies.

              As a movie buff, I found that amusing and attractive. And man, does she know how to say f**k just few enough but just enough times to give it meaning.

              Anyways, I don't see much of the women I find attractive at my age. They are all off being successful beyond school while I sit here and listen to my roommate answer his phone with "Yo!" every 45 minutes. I just plan to go be successful and meet them out in that world. Here, I don't expect anything deep, and its fine by me.



                Taking a break from work. I've got my plow truck sitting outside, ready for me to go back out!

                I check this forum a ridiculous number of times each day, so there's nothing weird about a Friday night. =)



                  Finished homework at my neighborhood pub while watching my beloved trailblazers play some hoops and chatting with my valentines date when she's not busy. Currently still at the pub waiting for my friends to start getting off of work.



                    Here I was content to think about my shoe collection, and you go and remind me that I'm spending yet another Friday night alone. Sigh...

                    In all seriousness though, I had a long week and wanted to take it easy and spend some quality time at the gym. But yeah, I really need to get out more.



                      I went to see my friends band play last night at the House of Blues. It was a long night, so I'm still recovering while illegally downloading music (shame on me!) and watching a special on Richard Pryor. Plus, it's 16 degrees in Chicago so I don't think there's anywhere I'd rather be than in my bed.



                        Just wrapped up a 16-hour work day. Now i'm unwinding with a glass of wine from a box after a hellish drive on snow-covered roads.

                        2AM is usually well past my bedtime.



                          We went out to dinner and were thinking of going to a movie, but really, there's nothing good out right now.

                          The only time I like going to bars / clubs is NOT on weekends... Too full of annoying hipsters.



                            When you have a 17 month old, your Friday nights tend to be pretty low key...



                              Right now I live in Southwest VA in a town of about 1500 people. I have to live here for work related reasons. I'm the only person who is 30 who doesn't have three or four kids. Also, I have a PHD when the average level of education is 9th grade. I don't lilke 4-wheeling or hunting. Hence, nothing to do on the weekend, except take courses online to get a secondary master's in neurobiology.

                              But hey, I have to live here for two years, and 16 months are down.