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Post up your Clad haul!

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    Post up your Clad haul!

    Mine: Boss suit, navy wool. I'm 98% sure it's this, now that I've looked at it--

    For 200 bucks.

    I'm kicking myself for not grabbing the grey pinstripes too. Fits pretty well out of the box, will fit much better with tailoring.


    @ DrBenji, I got the same suit. Should arrive today. Awesome price for what I hope is my first great suit staple.



      If I get one more box from CLAD, I think my wife is going to kill me. She pulled up to our driveway yesterday as the UPS guy was dropping off a bunch of boxes and she says to him "ugh my husband" and he says to her "is he going to be mad because you bought too much stuff?" and she's like "no, this is all his shopping." So, they had a good laugh. Anyway, I need to stop going on that site. I've ordered underwear, undershirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, suit, shoes, work bag, tie bar, jeans, dress pants and sneakers. The surprise hit for me so far are the Boss slim fit dress shirts...I love the fit. Haven't opened all my boxes yet.



        I got the same suit, and I'm 99% sure it is the one you posted. Mine fits a little baggy, but for 200 bucks I'm going to hold onto it to see if I can make it work. The shoulders are a tad big, but I can live with them. I also bought a blue lacoste polo, a white long sleeve lacoste polo, a gingham boss black dress shirt, a checkered boss black dress shirt, 3 gitman bros gingham sport shirts, burno magli shoes, fred perry hooded sweatshirt and some calvin klein undershirts. As I type this, I realize that is a ridiculous amount, but I'm a sucker for a great deal, and most of the stuff I have been in the market for.

        Boss Black Micro-Check Cotton Dress Shirt (Purple) 115.00 for 45.90

        Boss Black Gingham Check Cotton Dress Shirt (Maroon) 95.00 for 25.00

        Fred Perry Hoody Sweatshirt (Black) 145.00 for 56.90

        Lacoste Classic Pique Polo (Blue) 89.50 for 23.00

        Lacoste Classic Pique Long Sleeve 99.00 Polo 23.00

        Boss Black Navy suit for 795.00 for 209.00

        Bruno Magli Cap-Toe Oxfords for 425.00 for 112.00

        (3) Giltman Bros Gingham Tailored Fit Sportshirts 450.00 for 155.70

        (2) Calvin Klein 3 Pack Slim Fit V-Necks 65.00 for 17.00

        So I paid around $666.80 for $2,278.50 worth of haul!



          @Thekillabeejc - Dear god! I'm envious of your haul! Especially those bloody Bruno Magli. The sale caught me at a weird time with respect to my financial liquidity, so all I got was a pair of Cole Haan Air Coltons, but they are easily the most comfortable shoes that I've ever worn, so I'm happy with that purchase.



            If anyone happened to get one of those Boss grey pinstripe suits in a 40L and you don't care for it, I'll gladly take it off your hands.



              I got a pair Cole Haan Air Coltons which haven't arrived yet and a Boconi Hendrix Double Buckle Messenger Bag which arrived yesterday and I'm very happy with. Liked Clad's packaging too.



                By the way. If there's something you missed, I would check back every now and then. I missed the Magli's, but was able to snag a pair yesterday. It seems like someone must have returned them. The only problem is that they are 11.5 and I usually wear a 12. If they are too small, I would be happy to sell them directly to some on Dappered rather then return them.



                  Is the extra 25% off over? Not applying to the items in my bag...



                    I noticed that too frost, thought about maybe buying a few more things but its not giving me the extra 25% off anymore when I add things to the cart so I'll hold off.



                      My Navy Hugo Boss just arrived. The pants are a bit snug but I think I can let them out... I'm going to make that sucker work.

                      @Killabee, thanks for the tip. I also wear a 12 and missed out on Maglis. I'm going to keep an eye out.



                        I got... nothing. :-( I saw tons of stuff I'd like to have, but I blew my whole shopping spree budget weeks ago with after-Christmas clearance sales.



                          Called in.. Use the promo code "FEBFAMILY" to get the additional 25% off...



                            @ Frost, thanks for the hook up!

                            @ Alan, a large percentage probably in shoes...



                              @CJJ: Yeah, close to half was on shoes. From start to finish, I bought 6 pairs of shoes. I really spread the love around, too. No two pairs are the same brand. The retail value is $1340. I spent $355. Granted, a couple of the nicer ones are "pre-owned", but there's really no other way to get those brands for those prices.