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Will loafers/slip-on's loosen up?

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    Will loafers/slip-on's loosen up?

    I just nabbed a pair of Cole Haan Air Beckett II slip-on's in size 11 for a good price from Nordstrom Rack. I love the look but it feels like my right foot is quite snug in the area across my big toe to pinky toe joint (toebox I guess?). They aren't initially painful/snug but over time I can start to feel it a bit. Not outright screaming pain or anything, just a slight discomfort that would nag over time.

    Will this area loosen up with some wear or should I go ahead and return (just wearing around the house now to test them out)? Its always been hard for me to find a good fit as my feet are different sizes/shapes. My left foot is a pretty standard with 11 while my right foot is roughly a 10 and the toes angle to the right, causing things to be a bit wide there (probably a 10 E-EE size if I was fitting for this foot on it's own)

    Beyond the initial question, how should one handle this size differential/wideness problem? Should I really be targeting 11 wide shoes to help accommodate the wide right foot? In the past before I started caring as much about these things, I would generally get something too big (11.5 or 12 size) but it would work out OK. I've found in nicer shoes, I get too much heel lift if I go that big from my right foot. Thanks in advance for any advice.


    Ounce, slip-ons will stretch more towards the middle and back of the shoe than the toe box. However, if you like them that much and they're only just a little tight, you can take them to a cobbler to see about having them professionally stretched. You'll also want to always use shoes trees so they don't shrink any further over time. The cheapest shoe trees that I've seen several people here rely on (including myself) are the $13 shoes trees at Nordstrom rack. You should really be using them to extend the life of your shoes, anyways, so they're worth picking up regardless of your decision.



      Also, for future reference, if your feet are that different in size, consider Allen Edmonds. They can be admittedly expensive but you can custom order a pair in a different size for each foot. Plus they carry several widths for each size so its easier to find a shoe that fits.

      In your case, I would try to find an Allen Edmonds store and let them size you up. Do you live near a major metro area?



        Yes there is an AE store in town, but I'm really weary of such a price point commitment honestly. I'm pretty hard on shoes and while I want to look nice, I'm not sure I'm ready yet for the level of care and maintenance that such a shoe should get.

        I'm somewhat in the building phase of my wardrobe (lost 45 pounds over the past 8 months, need new items in almost all areas) so it's difficult to reach too high on any one item right now as well. I need to pickup a black dress shoe as well (cap toe oxford probably) so I'm trying to budget accordingly.

        I know that Cole Haan generally runs thinner than most so that's probably my first mistake. I'm probably going to be relegated to scrounging through whatever wide offerings I can find at the local discount warehouses (Off Broadway, DSW). The online route really isn't for me as I've always found it very difficult to fit myself properly and a never ending cycle of online orders followed by returns is unappealing.

        Any guidance on a brown loafer (or boot) that might be a better fit for me? As well as black oxford's? Which brands tend to run a bit more on the wide side?



          I know what you mean for the price commitment. For what it's worth, though, they cost about $100 to be sent back to the factory and fully restored whenever they wear out. You don't have to completely replace them. But either way... Yeah, they're a large up-font commitment.

          As for alternatives... They're not super high quality, but Kenneth Coles have always fit my funny-shaped feet.