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    Thought on these chinos

    I'm have been researching on different chinos, but what do you say about these? (in terms of quality and look?)

    Topman skinny chinos: I feel that they are not really 'skinny' but more slim cut. (I could be wrong) and also I heard that they fade very fast after a few washes. Is it true?

    Bonobos Washed chinos: I have heard some good comments about it, however, I have also heard that they fade very fast after a few washes.

    Bonobos game day chinos: from the review I gathered, they apparently fade very fast after a few washes

    Alpha khaki: I heard that the fit is not bad, however are they really that good?

    IOU Project chino: these seems to be the best and also the most expensive.

    So what do you think?


    I had a pair of the Bonobos game day chinos, had the fading problem after a single wash so they went back. Alphas are good for the price, but the Bonobos cut fits me better - Alphas are pretty tapered and seemed to be a bit baggy in the thighs so I found the proportions weird. Dockers D1 khakis aren't bad and can be found relatively cheaply, so I find they're a good candidate to buy on sale and get slimmed by a tailor (they're marketed as "slim" but still fit me pretty baggy). Same goes for Lands' End Canvas chinos.



      I've only tried Bonobos washed and Dockers Alpha.

      Bonobos: Great git. Possibly too snug if you have big legs. I have not experienced the fading/wear yet, but I only wash after several wears and never tumble dry. To be honest I think the are fitting better with age because I sized down.

      Dockers Alpha: Also a good, modern fit. I returned them though because they were just too heavy for my liking in this climate. They strike me as more of a jean-type hybrid than a true chino.

      I would always recommend Bonobos for any chino needs, but I'm also a fanboy so take it fwiw.