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    Bonobos Questions/Ideas

    One: I'm looking to order some shirts from Bonobos, but I am somewhat picky about the fit of my shirts. I'm really rather on the thin side, and am curious if the Bonobos "Standard Fit" will be any good... I doubt it will be as boxy as most "standard" shirts, but is it at all tapered?

    On that note, what about their pants? Will their straight fit be enough, or should I opt for slim?

    Anyone have any experience/measurements?

    Two: Say I have about $125-150 to spend there. What should I get? Anything to look at specifically? Shirts, pants, shoes? Any ideas would be great. I seem to be at somewhat of a loss...



    if you are on the thin side.. their standard fit shirts will be baggy/boxy so I wouldn't recommend it. the woolrich / gant hugger fit shirts they sell will fit you a lot better. they are supposed to release some slip shirts soon ( i think they have 3 right now).

    straight pants may work but i prefer their thin fits. they have free return shipping so try em on and if they don't fit, simply return. goodluck



      @devirkahan - Can you share your specific measurements? Someone your size may be able to weigh in with their experience.



        I have 6 pair of the pants in various styles (with the exception of slim but I'm a big buy and I dont think they would look good on my frame). I would suggest getting slim in their pants if you are as you say on the thin side.

        They just added more to their sales section. I would start their to get more bang for your buck. I just bought a couple pairs of their twill dress pants (Wednesday Tans and Friday Greys) and I really like the cut and feel, "dressier" and more refined compared to their washed chinos.

        I have a couple of the Year Rounder OCBD but Nix7 is right for your frame they will probably be too boxy. I really like their polos, check them out.



          @nix7 thanks for the help. Do you have any links though? I can't seem to find anything at all in any sort of slim fit.

          @nicholas I'm about six feet tall, and have around a 32-33 waist.



            I believe these are their 4 tailored-fit shirts





            6ft with 32-33 waist, you will definitely want a slim or tailored fit shirt. their standard fit will be too baggy.

            checkout this thread about possible extra savings through cashback and/or coupons





              I'm 5'10" 168lbs. 10-11%BF. db bench 100x5. squat 295x5 Size 30 bonobos pants. size small shirts

              The washed straight leg chinos fit awesome. gently caresses my ass and quads to the knees to show off the aesthetics then straight leg down. opening is 8". i usually like them a bit more tapered so i get all mine tapered to 7". Slim fits chinos releasing soon. im soo onto those lol.

              Slim fit denim size down to 29( they say the slim chinos will be exactly like these) fit so juicy. hugs my entire lower body a teeny bit slimmer then straight legs. leg opening 7". perfect imo.

              Oxford shirts fit me great. sleeves towards the forearms could be a tad slimmer but oh well. very little if any extra junk around the waist. plz note if i shrink the shirt even little bit then the chest will start to pull.

              The other casual sport shirts fit similar to the oxfords. if anything maybe slighter looser but not much.

              Hope this helps.