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    I don't know to be honest, but the price is fantastic.



      I think the Hingham has been discontinued which is why it's harder to find



        They don't accept returns, so any advice on fitting? I'm a 9 in my Sperrys and they're a bit too large (worn without socks), so I'm leaning towards 8.5



          I would love to pick those up for that price too, but don't order that company. Lots of bad stories on scambook, click around and read their "shipping and returns" info, bad grammar and typos. Also, no phone number to contact them.




            dang :l anyone else know where to find them then? Can't find the navy ones in 8.5 anywhere



              Double the price, but you can get them here:




                been there with rios shoes too...went as far as to make an account, it looked sketchy, and then I changed all my info and never came back. Should've been smarter. Glad nothing bad happened.

                But this thread haunts me. I was ready to order the Hingham (so wish the Carlile had the same lower). I've seriously considered the one Quoddy moc in navy/brick on ebay, which went for like 150 + 25 shipping, at the time something I thought stupid (and would pay right now).

                I may get the bass hingham navy latigo anyway. But its scarcity is quickly escalating its price. Any chance anybody drops anything new in the spring that will be cool?



                  Sperry has some solid options right now. They have solid navy in the classic A/O, the Canvas A/O and the suede A/O.



                    I was set on getting the Sperry's A/O in Navy, but couldn't get over that damn "alligator skin" looking leather. I ended up picking up a nice pair of Cole Haan Hayden Boat shoes in Navy at DSW instead.



                      @skippapotamus - I know exactly what you mean. At $120, I'd almost just prefer to save up for a bit longer and splurge on the Oak Streets... then again, as a college freshman I'm not sure I can justify two $200+ shoe purchases (picked up some Red Wing IR's in February) in two months to the parents.



                        Depending on what size you wear, and how dark of navy you're looking for, Amazon has navy Sebago docksides in the $60 range.


                        Dr. Jays, an "urban" leaning website has them in size 10 for 48.99 too, plus they always have promo codes.




                          I'm not sure if it is the same shoe, but Jack Threads is selling a Hingham Mark McNairy Boat Shoe by Bass for 94.99.



                          You'll need a Jackthreads account to view.



                            @splitplug, they don't have the dark navy one in my size unfortunately.

                            I'm looking for dark navy ones that aren't just blue and white



                              yeah, me too. I guess I could relace with leather but really kinda looking for something sharper. Also, MattC, if you're a size 11.5 you may have to be locked away. Does this rag smell like chloroform?



                                Hahaha I'm actually an 8.5... I think Alan's the only one you may have to go after