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The navy boat shoe search

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    The navy boat shoe search

    Just to document my search. I'm looking for navy boat shoes with a contrasting red sole.

    There is the Bass x McNairy Hingham in Navy Latigo, usually around $91, seen as low as $76

    I think these were last years and won't be available again... Not sure where they're made.

    There's also the Eastland Made in Maine camp moc for $275... Made of Horween Chromexcel

    There's the Quoddy, made in Maine blucher mocc for $240, all made with Horween Chromexcel... The blue and some of the others are the Cavalier Chromexcel:

    There's Rancourt & Company, made in Maine for $215... Although these don't have red soles they will custom make them however you ask with whatever soles they have:

    Right now the winner is the Oakstreet Bootmaker's Navy Suede Red Brick Sole Trail Oxford at $268


    My McNairy's are currenlty out for delivery and should be on my doorstep before I get home from work. I picked them up on 6PM.COM I hope the look as good in person as they do online.



      Mmmm. A thread about boat shoes. Boat shoe lovers....



        I vote for the Bass McNairy and with the money you save, you can go thrifting. Honestly, I think anything north of $100 for boat shoes is a lot. Unless you wear them every day, I just can't see spending that much on boat shoes.



          I agree that >$100 is a lot for boat shoes. But I guess if it's your thang, you might as well spend as much as you want.




            Jason, I recently received my oak streets. They are fantastic. The leather quality and the colors are perfect. I really like them. They do run large. I would say size down a half size for sure.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              @greg: I suspect they're sized with the expectation of wearing socks and you're wearing them without socks? Just a theory.



                On the other hand, $100 for shoes is not too much, Horween Chromexcel is some of the best leather in the world, AND the others besides the Bass are made in the USA.....

                This is still in the planning stages for me. This'll probably be part of my March splurge.

                @Juan, LOL I make more money on the stuff I thrift than I spend there, so going thrifting is never an economic decision for me, purely time



                  @JC - I just realized that my comment about spending >$100 on boat shoes may insult those who do so. I was speaking from my experience, since I don't really wear them that much therefore, I would never spend that much money on boat shoes. However, other shoes that I do wear often, I don't mind spending several hundred dollars on. I'm sure those other shoes are worth the asking price, based on materials used and the fact that they are made in the US. Moral of the story, to each his own.

                  All are great looking shoes.



                    @Alan. Yes they recommend going a half size down for sockless. Which I did. I could have nearly gotten away with a full size down. So if your feet are on the smallish side of a size, a full size down may work. I contacted their very helpful customer service for measurements.

                    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                      @Juan, no problem. I completely understand the sentiment and I used to feel that way about all shoes.

                      I may not be able to pull the trigger on them, but they are very tempting. I've already got too many shoes, so I'm really going for something interesting and high quality.



                        ive been checking out navy boat shoes as well. out of the ones you posted i def like the Quoddy ones most but hard to substantiate that price tag. have you looked at sperrys? i really like these suede navy ones but i cant find them for sale anywhere...

                        trying to post pic...


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                          @tdig That's a good question. I don't know how to embed images either...



                            @tdig let me know if you do find them, they look pretty good.

                            To embed images you do the normal HTML like this:

                            < img src=" ... " />



                              @ JC, I just opened my McNairys and they are exactly as pictured above. The color is vibrant but not overwhelming, the leather seems good (for the price point), extremely comfortable (for the little that I walked in them) and feel good with socks and without. I am a 12 D and they are true to size.