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What do you guys wear out at night to have a few drinks?

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    I'm still on the hunt for the perfect brown bar shoe. If anyone can offer some advice, I'm trying to meet these criteria:

    1. Brown

    2. Well made. doesn't have to be goodyear welted - blake stitched would be fine. just want them to last a long time

    3. Be good year round. This means no leather soles.

    4. No suede - for the same reason above - want them year round. Beer stains also don't mesh well with suede.

    5. The rubber sole should be thin and sleek. None of the clunky types that look like hiking boots.

    6. No fancy styling. Should be easily worn with a buttondown + jeans and not look like i'm trying too hard. (No walnut wingtips, for example).

    7. Preferably < $250 with some flexibility (willing to wait for sales)

    Ideas? Right now I'm eyeing some plain toes like the AE Kenilworth or Leeds, but they have leather soles and are a little on the boring side. I'm somewhat considering a longwing, but don't want them to be too showy.




      Thekilla - any idea how those gitman shirts fit? I'm 5'9/160. Small or medium? I wear smalls in most shirts (Jcrew, Banana, etc), but they can get a little too snug in other brands (Uniqlo and LE Canvas, for example, fit, but are about as tight as I could go.)

      In short, if you were a "smedium", would you go with small or medium for Gitman slim fit shirts?





          Zerostyle, this will be my first Gitman shirt. I ordered them today, but they should be here soon (I live near their distribution headquarters). A Large in most "fitted" shirts fit me well, so I will let you know how they compare when I get them.



            @Zerostyle, how about the Florsheim Veblen in dark brown or wine?


            $136 with the LINK20 20% off



              @JC: When I clicked on that link you posted, the first style that popped up was the navy specs. I thought you were joking. :-)



                LOL I don't know why they'd make that their default color



                  I've always maintained that you should dress for the occasion..

                  There's nothing wrong with dressing things up a little bit when attending casual gatherings, but have that mindset that an unstructured blazer with a modest pocket square will make you look cool, while a business suit and a pair of cap toes make you look like a massively disconnected and socially inept douche.



                    @Zerostyle, the shirts fit bigger than I expected, so I'm moving down to a Medium. They're not completely blousey, but I would like to see how the smaller size fits.



                      @JC: I really like the Veblen in brown. Nice looking shoe.



                        What do you guys think about the veblen in brandy?



                          Could just be the photo, but it looks weird in that color. I like the color in general, but I feel like the styling of this shoe calls for a darker color. Wasn't there a waxy leather version of the Veblen? That would be pretty awesome for a going-out shoe.