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What do you guys wear out at night to have a few drinks?

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    What do you guys wear out at night to have a few drinks?

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering what you guys wear out at night to have a couple of drinks/go bar hopping. I have difficulty picking out something to wear at times. I feel that a dress shirt is so typical and boring. Any additional items I throw on (layering a vneck tshirt, blazer, tie etc...) make it too hot in a bar setting -- especially if I am going to be dancing.

    What do you guys wear? How do you guys keep it fresh? Keep in mind that regulating temperature is important.

    (pics welcome)



    (I kid.)



      Yeah right... He's not kidding



        Usually jeans and a sport shirt. I wouldn't wear a vneck to a bar unless it was some upscale cocktail place, too warm if it's a crowded place. Blazers are fine if you want to dress it up a bit, even at a dive bar, but I wouldn't wear a nice one - something cheaper, maybe unstructured, in a lightweight fabric (no polyester if getting too hot is your concern).

        For shoes, I'd wear something a step above sneakers but not leather soled dress shoes. Rubber soled derbies or chukkas are a good bar shoe for me. Definitely no suede unless it's a nicer place where spills from strangers carrying drinks through a crowd isn't normal.

        A dress shirt doesn't have to be boring - go with something with some color or a nice pattern (but not loud and in your face) and some good jeans/chinos and you'll probably look better than 90% of the other guys there.



          @nftmlk: If a sweater or jacket is too warm, wear a tie and roll up your sleeves. Or if a plain ol' shirt if boring to you, how about these LE work shirts (obviously not with a tie)?


          Even if it's warm, wear the undershirt and deal with it. It's better than the alternative.



            Also, keep your eyes open for a linen sport coat for spring/summer. They're nice and light, and add a layer for interest.



              The last time I was in a bar, I wore the same too-big-in-the-neck 1MX shirt, and my personal uniform waistcoat, as always.



                @nicholascrawford: If that's your date/girlfriend/wife then people should be taking notes.



                  Haha - a good friend of mine out for her birthday...she's the taller version of my wife. =)



                    The wife and went out on Monday and I wore:

                    Lucky Jeans (Costco)

                    LEC Crosby Moc Toe Lace Up Boots:

                    BR Tailored cotton pin-dot two-button blazer


                    J Crew Blue and Red Stripe Tie

                    J Crew Blue Cotton Button Up



                      I tend to go the polo shirt/sport shirt, jeans and more casual chukka boot/sebagon beacon boot route. I'm younger and tend to wind up at crowded bars. The outfit is breathable enough to keep me from getting to hot and nice enough for the environment. I personally wouldn't wear a jacket/suit/slack unless I was going to a fancier lounge or something similar.



                        @Thekillabeejc I'm at the crowded bars 95% of the time.

                        I usually wear Express 1MX shirts, as they are the only kind of shirts I've find that fit well. I'm on the skinnier side. 5'9" 135 pounds.



                          Half the time I wind up out for drinks right from work, so I can hit up a bar/pub/lounge in anything from jeans and an untucked button down (sleeves rolled) to a layered look with items such as blazer/v-neck/sweater vest. I actually don't wear polo shirts all that much, so even in a casual setting/dive bar, it's usually a casual button down with the sleeves rolled up. Depending on the place, sometimes I'll go with a "Ted Mosby" look (How I Met Your Mother reference for those who don't know)...dark jeans, black Converse, casual button down, with quirky t-shirt underneath.



                            If I'm at a bar it's almost always a come-as-you-are dive, so everyone's in t-shirts or polos anyway. I don't really care or think about it, so I just wear whatever (appropriately dapper) clothing I wore the rest of the day. If I want to show my tattoo off I might make sure to wear a polo or v-neck (it's on my upper arm).

                            Tonight I'm going to the bar with a tie on, a plaid blazer, gray shirt, blue chinos and wingtip boots (the Hawking-McGills Joe's been posting about). People might notice, but they all know me anyway and they know I dress somewhat differently from the typical clientele.



                              nftmlk, I just ordered 3 of the Gitman bros gingham sport shirts. I would honestly buy every color if it didn't seem like overkill.

                              I think they will work well for a more casual bar shirt. Tailored fit, short tail and made in the U.S.A., can't beat that.