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"My Precious" (aka Your Favorite Article of Clothing)

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    "My Precious" (aka Your Favorite Article of Clothing)

    My apologies if there is already a thread like this, but I searched around and couldn't find one. If I just missed it, please point me in the right direction and mods, feel free to delete this thread.

    What's your favorite article of clothing in your closet? Not necessarily the most expensive or most worn, but the one thing that, if your house caught fire, you'd run through the flames to save?

    For me, it has to be my Burberry London wool trenchcoat. I've always wanted a Burberry coat, and this was the first one I bought and still my favorite.


    J.Crew plaid blazer, maybe.

    I don't really have favorites. I have a lot of things I love. It makes getting dressed every day even better, but nothing really stands out as a favorite to me.



      For me, it's probably the Poulsen, Skone & Co wingtips I recently picked up on ebay:

      Of course, it's also my most recent purchase so it's fresh in my mind.

      Things that I don't wear often that have sentimental value are a watch from my wife, the cufflinks I wore at my wedding, and a tie I bought on our honeymoon (made of 100% genuine polyester, but my wife loves the way it looks on me so I couldn't refuse).



        THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE (?). I'm going to have to spend some time thinking about this.




          A chocolate brown calf skin (I think) leather motorcycle jacket. I love that thing and I've only worn it less than a dozen times in the 5 years I've had it. Its one of those pieces that fit "just right" but if I gain 5lbs it aint gettting on. I broke the zipper tab, so need to get that fixed.



            @BenR: You wrote "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE", but I can't read it without reading it as "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" and thinking of this:



              Ugh, you're right. I just wrote it wrong. *fail*




                @ Alan, at first glance I thought this was your favorite outfit. Not saying a kilt and fur isnt a rocking style but I think Mr. Lambert does it best. I dont think I have the calves for the kilt.



                  @BenR--there are no rules; it can be more than one for sure! A list of favorites from different categories (i.e. favorite tie, favorite jacket, favorite outerwear, favorite watch) etc. would be cool too.

                  Instead of running in the burning building to grab something, imagine the outfit you'd want to be wearing running out of it!



                    @kino: In that case, I'll add my "mean" red/black paisley tie to the list. Instead of a sheen that makes it brighter, it actually goes darker. "Sheen" wouldn't even be the appropriate word, but I don't know how else to describe it.



                      Hrm... Well, I love my new (to me) navy Oxxford topcoat. I love my Barbour x Tokito quilted motorcycle jacket... I love these Allen Edmonds wingtip loafers I'm wearing today and the Pendleton blackwatch sportcoat I have on... Also wearing my favorite tie today (vintage 60's Oscar de la Renta that just feels amazing).

                      If it were a burning building situation though, I'd probably be heading for my laptop.



                        Does my backpack count?


                        Other than that, I love my Levi's Capital E Jeans, Handmade in USA of Italian Denim



                          Does a watch count? My Timex Easy Reader doesn't leave my wrist. I have almost 10 nato straps that I switch around.

                          Other then that, I would have to say:

                          Shirt - J.Crew Blue Gingham Button Down (I have to hide it so i don't wear it all the time)

                          Tie - Nautica Heritage Maroon knit (goes with everything)

                          Pants - Dockers Alpha Khaki in dark blue

                          Shoes - Land's End light brown oxfords

                          Weird that all of these things have been bought on a steep sale or thrifted.



                            To add another item to my list, I'm wearing my favorite boots today, my Wolverine 1000 miles. They recently were on the Esquire style blogs "Shoe Porn" list, and for good reason. They're gorgeous, so with pretty much everything & they are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned.


                            Best part: I got them for 20% off due to a tiny knick in the leather on one of the shoes that no one has ever noticed.



                              It's hard to pick favorites at this stage. When I was younger (high school) I would wear one jacket all the time, like literally every day. So that would have been my favorite. A year or so ago I only owned one nice blazer so that might have been it. With thrifting, though, I've got a pretty wide array of clothes that I love to wear - mixing and matching them is half the fun.

                              So I guess I better list a few.

                              My tie bar.

                              The $20 I paid for it seemed like a lot at the time, but as I mentioned in the WIWT thread, it's been an investment that has definitely paid off. I wear it virtually every time I wear a tie, which is 3-4 times a week these days. And it seems to draw a disproportionate number of compliments. I even got vicarious compliments with it when I let my roommate borrow it for a black-tie Christmas party.

                              Chippewa boots

                              Not the nicest or the fanciest boots but they are ridiculously comfortable and seem to be built to last. Plus the style is timeless and buying them helps to support US manufacturing jobs. I've worn them at least every other day since I got them after Christmas.

                              Vintage leather jacket

                              I've gotten a lot of fun things from thrifting but I think this is my recent favorite simply because it's different than the usual tweed blazers I find, and lets me express a different side of myself than I do when I wear a tie and jacket every day.

                              I like all my watches so much that I feel I should list one here, but I love them all equally and for different reasons so the list would just drag on and on.... I guess I'll just quickly mention my dad's Stocker and Yale plastic military hand-winder, circa 1986. It runs a couple minutes fast and it doesn't look too pretty, but it's the one watch I would run to save from a fire since it's the only one that cannot be replaced.