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    Express Trench

    So, I stumbled through express few weeks back and tried on their Cotton Nylon Trench Coat which I surprisingly liked. Its a cropped version of a full trench and I wanted peoples opinion on it. I suppose it cant be used to cover a blazer or suit jacket probably because its cut shortened then a mid thigh trench. Now that its on sale, of course with coupon stacks, I almost want to pull the trigger.

    Thoughts? would you wear it? Has anyone tried it on?


    Talking about this one, I assume.

    I think the black looks too shiny in a weird way. The khaki, though, looks pretty stellar.

    Probably a good second trench. Definitely doesn't beat yesterday's featured trench coat.



      Coats are so subjective to me. It really starts to get into personal opinion because there are so many right answers. Sure there are some daffy ones out there, but by and large, it seems that any conservative, traditional coat is a safe bet. If it's cropped, I may be concerned for it's style longevity, but other than that, it's probably fine.

      That being said, I would personally not buy a trench I couldn't fit over a suit jacket. If I'm going for a casual, thin, short jacket, it wouldn't be a trench style. Too many buttons, the doubler breast, and the belt is a pain. I'd want something more convenient. And if you're actually attempting to use it for rain, you're only covering half your body.

      If we're talking about the one nicholascrawford thinks it is, I can give my opinions, but they're only that - opinions. First, I REALLY appreciate that it has no belt. It's one less thing to fasten up, reduces clutter, and makes the whole thing look sleeker. On the flip side (literally), I'm not a fan of the pseduo belt in the back. It's not inherently feminine, but I've seen it on so many women's coats lately that it's the first thing I think of when I see it.



        I'm quite a fan of the one nicholas posted from yesterday's main page, but I'd wear it without the belt.



          Hum, I can't stand the look of a trench without a belt. To me the belt makes the whole thing - without it you're just wearing a peacoat that's too long, or worse, a double-breasted lab coat.

          My main concern about buying from Express is the quality and longevity. Not that Banana Republic makes bombproof garments, but I think Express has a fairly well-earned reputation for their products not being especially durable. I'd probably pick the Banana Republic one if it were down to those two.




            If they could find a way to fake the look of a buckle but somehow just make it an adjustable clip, maybe it wouldn't bug me so much.

            ... and now I'm going to think of double breasted lab coats every time I see trenches. FWIW, I have simple rain coat that fills the same gap we're talking about. I'll try to post a pic in WIWT.



              Banana republic trentch looks too inspector gadget for me. I like some with a few less buttons and on the shorter side. I suppose it may not be as classic, but for where I live, It will get the job done just as well as a mid thigh length trench.

              Thanks for posting that express link NC, for some reason I totally forgot to.



                @BenR: Do a google image search for "polo coat". A belt-less trench reminds me of a light polo coat.



                  "Hum, I can't stand the look of a trench without a belt. To me the belt makes the whole thing - without it you're just wearing a peacoat that's too long, or worse, a double-breasted lab coat."

                  Agree completely