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    I just took my Uniqlo blazers into the tailor to get the sleeves shortened. She had never seen or heard of Uniqlo before, as I'm in Atlanta, so she started grilling me on them. She said that for the price (Tags were still on as I got another suit) the fit was excellent on me and more importantly the materials were impressive.

    If you are going to use the Tasmanian Slim Fit Jacket as a blazer then yes, I think the stance is a bit to high. However, if you are buying the matching pants and plan on using them as a suit then it's not too high at all. I feel like you can get away with a higher stance when wearing a suit.

    Honestly though, if you take a picture from waist level like alot of people do than alot of suits look like they have a high button stance. I've never had anyone say anything but "Man, where did you get that suit? It fits. What do you think of mine? Does mine suck?" or "How much did it cost you to get that tailored? It looks great."

    Also, the M does fit exactly like a 38R. I wear a 38R in the J Crew Ludlow fit and it's identical.



      I'd say the 38R in the JCrew Ludlow fit is slimmer, but it's been a while since I've been to Uniqlo.



        quick question to those who have been to Uniqulo

        I am looking a Khaki Cotton Suit.

        I like thios blazer in Beige

        But I was wondering if they had matching pants. I tried calling customer support but they were no help. I was thinking of these pants in the beige

        Any have any suggesstions?



          That one is meant strictly as a casual blazer. There are no matching pants.




            I really really like this one in navy. I don't know how their X-Small fits. I'm thinking it would be too long, but I might be wrong here. I'll contact them to see if they can provide measurements.

            Too bad I'm in Canada, I can't use Suddenlee (I'll still try to email them, just in case).

            Anyone could buy it and send it to me ? I don't mind paying $100+ fot a $60 blazer.



              BTW Jessy, I believe that jacket is on sale right now for 29.99. Not sure how long the sale lasts. For measurements, check the Uniqlo UK site, for each garment they have individual measurements.



                Oh, that's nice. Looks like a perfect fit, except for the sleeves.

                Now I just need to find a way to bring it here. I can pay shipping, gas, anything. I could probably get a shirt or two from there while at it.