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    Uniqlo Blazer Fit

    Got my uniqlo stuff last night and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. For the cost ($107 per suit after Suddenlee took their cut) you really cant beat it. It's a lighter weight suit, but I don't think you should mistake that for lack of quality. Seems to be very well constructed. Great option for people who want a beater suit or two. First picture is a 42R of the Gap Tailored Fit Herringbone for reference. Uniqlo's are both Medium. Opinions on fit and look are welcome. I am wondering if I should let the waist out a bit to close the bottom together or if there is something else I should do to fix that. Or if it's acceptable let me know that as well. Second Picture is Navy and Third is Dark Charcoal.

    Gap Herringbone 42R Tailored Fit

    Uniqlo Tasmanian Wool Slim Fit Medium (Navy)

    Uniqlo Tasmanian Wool Slim Fit Medium (Dark Charcoal)


    Alright, so I have realized through some searching that this hourglassing is not acceptable. Anyone have any experience with whether or not this is fixable through tailoring?



      When I got my Uniqlo suit tailored, my tailor said that both the jacket and pants were quite narrow for their size (he also complemented the construction). I didn't have him let out the waist (I'm not sure if there is extra fabric anyway), in fact all he did was shorten the sleeves a bit.

      I think all three jackets look great. The sleeves on the Gap definitely need shortening, and the Uniqlo too if you like to show cuff.

      I assume that you ordered the Uniqlo stuff by phone/email? Can you describe the process for people outside NYC?



        Suddenlee is fantastic. They are very quick to respond via email and they post Uniqlo sales on their blog all the time.

        1) You simply use their bookmarklet when you find an item you like on the Uniqlo website. It will then prompt you to fill in the size and any other notes that you want to leave (I used this to restate which color I wanted). You can also change the price from the one listed on the website to the one listed on their blog for sales.

        2) You then pay and they take a cut, which was more than reasonable considering the two day shipping to Atlanta, GA.

        3) They send out their shoppers multiple times per day so you will probably get an email within a few hours letting you know what they were able to find. They will usually offer alternatives if they are unable to find exactly what you are looking for. Once you have nailed down your order, they will adjust the bill for you accordingly (Adding or subtracting dependent on what changed. I had them add the Charcoal suit halfway through, no trouble at all.)

        4) They ship your stuff the same day. I ordered on Monday and got it all yesterday. They include the original receipts and even shopping bags for all items. All very well folded and packed as well.



          Just wanted to note one thing I saw in the pictures. You may find it hard to shorten the sleeves as much as you want since you can't really move the buttons as they seem that have that "faux functional button" stitching. I couldn't tell on the navy but the charcoal one seems to have it.

          I think the jackets look fine other than the sleeves. Your Gap one looks large on you.

          By the way, pull up your pants.



            HA! Thanks Chareth, pants are alittle big on me since I've lost alittle more weight. Although on top of that I have a longer torso.



              Just FYI, my tailor moved the buttons fine when shortening the sleeves.



                I'm definitely going to Uniqlo when visiting NYC.

                bere09 - Did you cut open the vent(s) in the back?



                  ChrisW, how did your tailor deal with the button stitching?



                    On the Charcoal one yes I did. Not on the Navy. I guess I am just not used to slimmer fitting suits because the more I do image searches, JCREW's website for example, the more I see the separation of the bottom button. Also have heard that it gets better after dry cleaning and hanging for awhile. Something about being folded for awhile.



                      Sorry to revive this thread, but can anyone comment on how Uniqlo blazers fit versus H&M?

                      I fit H&M 2-button blazers in 36 spot on, with no need for tailoring.



                        Vespa: Here are few data points from what I remember. I'm 5'9/160lbs.

                        H&M Size 38: Fits me very well, maybe just a touch large in the chest

                        Uniqlo Blazer Size Small: I'd probably say it fits, but it's borderline too tight. The small is probably equivalent to something like a 36-37R.

                        Uniqlo Blazer Size Medium: Fits like a 38R. Chest was reasonable, but sleeves were rather long.

                        Another thing to watch for: Every Uniqlo blazer I tried on had a VERY high button stance. This was the main reason I decided not to buy one.



                          ^ All that said, if you are a 36 in an H&M, I would go for the small in Uniqlo blazers.



                            Thanks for the details, Zero, very much appreciated.

                            FWIW, I saw on Acute Style that he re-rolled one of the higher button stance jackets to a 3/2. It looks 'okay', I guess - I'd really like to see it buttoned.



                              I agree with zerostyle. My Uniqlo blazer is a medium and it fits like a 38R. The sleeves were about an inch too long. In comparison, I fit snugly in a 40R H&M blazer.