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    Belt help

    Okay guys, I have been lurking for a while, and am hoping you may be able to help me out. I picked up the light grey/white Florsheim by Duckie Brown saddle shoes from the Clad sale, and now I need to track down a belt to match. Any suggestions?

    Also, a few months back I picked up a pair of Sperry Boat Oxfords in Sahara and have yet to find a belt that matches those either. Would love to hear if anyone has had more luck than me.


    Not sure you need to match a belt with those... Is a medium brown okay? I really don't know the rules on unusual leather colors.



      RHS: I have no idea where you'll find a leather belt in those colors, but finding a canvas belt should be a snap. Check thrift stores first since they usually cost $2 and seem to have an abundance of unusual colors. Heck, I even have a canvas belt in that color (that I found at a thrift store). I'd just give it to you except it's pretty wide so it probably wouldn't suit your needs.

      A good illustration for my point, but lose some of the baggage:

      Also, anything that covers a belt like a sweater kills the necessity for a belt, altogether. Something to keep in mind if you're anxious to start using your shoes and you haven't found a belt yet.

      And heaven forbid if you decide that you can't make those shoes work, you can always have them professionally dyed at a cobbler.



        Come to think of it, I'd expect you to wear the shoes with a light, casual ensemble so maybe you could wear a canvas belt that matches some other piece of what you're wearing like your shirt.

        A multi-colored canvas belt:

        Ignore the jorts and picture a red polo and khakis:

        Turn these shorts into pants, make them sky blue, pink, or something similar, and you have a "super-prep" knock out punch:



          Hmmm... I originally thought the shoes were whiter than they are at second glance. Finding a khaki belt should still be relatively easy, but try to find one in person rather than online. There are so many variations of the color.



            Alan, thanks for all of the input. They are definitely a more casual option, and the idea of a canvas belt never even crossed my mind. Now that you mention it, I already have a sailing belt of sorts that will be perfect. The shoes are actually more of a super light grey, so finding matching leather is going to be tough...