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What your favorite Chinos?

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    What your favorite Chinos?

    I need some new ones! I have one pair from Gap, the New Cadet, that are too big in the waist.

    I am slim, 6'4 and 185#. I have been rocking a few straight leg cords I bought from BR all winter that I consider the perfect fit - straight leg and slim through the thigh, calf and leg opening.

    Here's what I've come across so far:

    1. J. Crew Urban Slim Fit (USF)

    Do they have these in stores?

    2. Dockers D1. I love that Ghurka color!

    I need to try these on. People seem to have an issue with the 9" leg opening, which I would too.

    3. Dockers D0.

    I need to try these on.

    4. Dockers Alpha Khaki.

    I need to try these on too.

    5. Rugby Vintage Chino University Pant

    Any others? Thanks!


    J. Crew has several pant fits like Classic which has a higher rise - sits closer to your waist. Depends if you like that look. The thing about their USF, Classic, etc. is that, at least on their website, you can get them in every possible waist size and get them in every possible inseam or even unhemmed. Been talking about that lately here and would like to go that route.

    I picked up the Dockers Alpha pants yesterday - got 2 pairs in two colors. Fit is awesome. I really like them and like the Marshall's price - $12.99 each. But I bought the only two in the store.

    I have no clue on the other pants you listed.

    My faves are the Old Navy $19 slim straight cords. Much cheaper than the BR vintage cords that were $79. Plus, I go ice skating and do outdoor things, not wanting to rip open a pair of $79 cords.



      Bonobos washed chinos are great. straight leg 8" opening or slim leg 7" coming in march. Tons of colors. form fitting above the knees so if u are semi aesthetic u will love these pants. best pants for spring to fall as they are a thinner fabric. i also own jcrew urbans, alphas and lec chinos which are thicker and more for colder temps.

      These pants essentially come to $30 dollars after applying discount below.

      use this link and purchase coupon for fab $30 for $60.

      at bonobos checkout enter discount code facebook40 for 40% off and enter gift cert code from fab for $60 dollar credit.



        I like Classic fit J Crew's.



          J.Crew classic fit (check out factory), LEC straight fit, Docker's D1 in Ghurka (at Marshall's for $12-16 routinely).

          Also, Levi's 514 cords/jeans, and Bonobos chinos (I never size down in anything, and through trial-and-error I now size down to 33W from my regular 34W at Bonobos)

          Finally, check this out; Joe thinks the LEC are the bomb; they're on sale but in very limited sizes:



            @Weng - thanks for the post! I like the looks of those LEC slim fit chinos. Those might be the ones I am most excited about now.



              The LEC from last year have that AWFUL flare at the pockets. I wear mine sparingly as result.



                @MagM I agree. I think the fit is great on them, but the pockets flare out so much that it makes me looks like I have big hips compared to all my other pants. Not sure why they did that.



                  I picked up a bunch of Docker Alpha Khakis for $21 a piece from a kohls sale. I was really excited when they got here but they fit like crap. The Docker D1 Slim Fits are much better IMO.. which is strange because the alphas are supposed to be tapered.



                    Tinsley: if you can, wait until you can nab the LEC ones for a good price. They had lots of selection and were going for $12-20 (depending on promo code) with free shipping in Nov-Jan. Hopefully you have a local Sears with Lands End department - then you can order a bunch of straight fit and slim fit ones, in their "refined" and regular chino, and return the losers locally.



                      Just got a pair of Lightweight Sussex Pants in Classic Fit in the color British Khaki from J. Crew Factory. I like them a lot and they look great with a white button up shirt.



                        @nftmlk - Sorry, if you have incredibly awesome chicken legs, YOU CAN KICK ASS IN THE ALPHAS! ;-)



                          So many comments today on the pants that I found for $12.99 at Marshall's this week.

                          -Whoa, red pants.

                          -Whoa, those are red.

                          -Look at your pants!

                          -You know, red is our company color, but it's supposed to be a red uniform shirt.

                          -Did you get those at Goodwill?

                          -I like the pants, but are those the "distressed" leather shoes? Yeah, I hate those.



                            Believe me, it's annoying when people post photos of themselves, but I'm sure you're wondering how someone with the balls to wear pants like these is able to fit them into such snug trousers.

                            The belt was an American Eagle reject for $5.99. I'll take it.



                              I tried on the the D1's and I didn't like them. They looked like bell bottoms. I want something more tapered to the leg opening. Nobody was selling the Alpha Khakis save for the one pair I found at Marshall's (for $16) but didn't try on because of the color. There's a Kohl's I want to hit up maybe they will have some Alphas but the 4 other places I checked only had D*'s.

                              From the photos nicholascrawford posted I think they have the taper I am after.