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    Opinions on canvas shoes

    Hey fellas. I know it's still winter but I'm looking to get some new shoes for the summer that aren't sandals. I'm thinking about some canvas shoes because I'm not crazy about boat shoes. I found these two in beige and I'd like some opinions or experience with either of these: &POLO%20RALPH%20LAUREN&cid=42&CAWELAID=82349217 2


    I hate boat shoes. I can never be sure if their name comes from a traditional purpose or from what they do to the shape of one's foot.

    I think the second one is nice, but no first hand experience. Jack Purcell are also nice.

    But sheesh. Those boat shoes. They just give a large, clunky look to the foot with such a wide and rather unstructured shape. No nice slope or lines. No sex appeal, just unappealing man-ankle showing, cut too low, man-slippers.



      Would you wear these shoes with shorts? With ankle socks or something like that?



        Yeah most likely with shorts, either with or without ankle socks.



          Partial to updated all stars.

          Not great for walking long ways.



            Honestly, I don't think they're good looking shoes nor do I like the beige color. They look like they've got thick soles like on a pair of grandma shoes or what you see on Skechers these days.

            Here are some options:

            Converse Chuck Taylor

            Converse Jack Purcell (has a removable insole that is way more comfortable than the Chucks. Some don't like the toe cap look).

            PF Flyers Bob Cousy

            PF Flyers Albins

            For summer time, I like white or natural. I myself prefer natural:

            There's always: Vans Authentic and Keds if you like those looks.

            Compare prices at:,,

            I own a pair of PF Flyers Albins and after doing all the research, these are supposed to have the most toe box space out of the regular crop of similarly-shaped sneakers. I measure 2E on a Brannock device and I've got to say, no matter what, all of these shoes are made for regular or narrow feet, not for wide feet.

            The sizing on Chucks is odd since it's supposed to be larger and I don't know if it translates to the Purcells.



              I've seen the Ralph Lauren ones in person and to me the shape is just weird. The white side-wall part just comes up too high.




                Honestly not a fan of either... the white side-wall is definitely a no-go for me.

                Did you think of something like this?


                They have them in canvas too.

                I don't understand hating boat shoes... Does not compute. That's like hating jeans or hating peacoats... They're just a staple.



                  I'm in Ben's camp.



                    I think I'd go for something like this instead... slim and simple.


                    Or stick with the classic.





                      +1 for PF Flyers. I have the Center Lo's which I switched to after years of wearing Chucks. I like them a lot better because I think the quality is higher, they are more comfortable and not as many people have them compared to Chucks. I have black right now but I might get the natural color for summer.

                      The question for me is if I should get a pair of TOMS? I don't like wearing flip flops but I need some beach/pool wear so I am leaning towards some gray TOMS:



                        I have these in grey:

                        I like them on me, but my wife LOVES them on me. And when it's easy to keep the wife happy, you do it. :-)

                        A teammate of mine in my MBA program has the same pair in navy. He loves his, too.



                          Thanks for the tips guys. Not sure which ones I'll go with yet. I really like those Kenneth Coles if I can find them cheaper. The Tretorns might be a possibility too.



                            @runner-guy: I probably got lucky, but I picked mine up from Dillards during their January 1 clearance sale. I won't tell you what I paid because then NO price will ever be good enough. ;-) I think you can regularly find them cheaper than what they show on the Kenneth Cole website, though.

                            Here's one for $65:


                            One thing to mention about them. They do have a slightly distressed look to the sole straight out of the box. I had to double check with the guy at the register to make sure they were supposed to look that way. If you don't like it, I bet you can actually clean it up.

                            Also note that they're leather - not canvas. But they breathe just fine (and my feet sweat a lot).



                              @tinsley Really? TOMS? One of the ugliest shoes around in my opinion. It looks like one piece of cloth turned in all sorts of directions on a sewing machine. Noble cause, but the way the accomplish it is visible in the design. A rather shapeless foreign housewife slipper. Waaay too similar to ladies' flats.

                              But that's just what I see when I look at them.