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    Brown Cole Haan Air Stanton...

    Ok men, in my ongoing quest for affordable brown do it all shoes I saw these: that Joe put up earlier today.

    What are your thoughts on the flexibility of these shoes. I understand that these are not AE's but those will come one day in the mean time I need to find something to replace my brown Clarks casual/dress loafer which I've worn with a suit out of lack of other options in my closet.



    I myself am having the same trouble trying to figure out whether or not to pull the trigger. I can't decide if the pebbling is awesome or awful. When was the last time I saw a good pebbled shoe? But that price!! Dang...



      The pebble texture and rubber soles are very casual, but these shoes should go with everything but a suit. Maybe you could pull them off with a summer suit? I don't know... It's funny that I was noticing these shoes today, but I didn't realize that Joe had written them up until you just mentioned it. I just saw them while digging around Clad.

      It's like I mentioned in another thread, the pebble texture reminds me of a football, but in a good way. I like them, but Cole Haans just don't fit me. I would highly consider this pair if they did, though.



        @ Alan the pebble is what is throwing me off. I saw some shoes (the Fratelli Rosettis) from the guy that you bought from on EBay (the excutive) but just noticed they were 11.5 not 12. Oh well.



          @CJJ: I would contact him if I were you. He's very responsive. Maybe it's a typo? Either way, he agreed to a return if mine didn't fit (even though that didn't end up happening).

          The dude wears size 12 and all his other shoes are size 12. The 11.5's you found seem like something of an anomaly. If you're looking at the cap toes, though, it looks like they made need resoling very soon. It may be just the picture, but it looks like a chunk is missing from the sole in the last pic.



            Now that I know your size and what you're looking for, though, let me take a crack at an ebay search and see what pops up.



              The pebble was throwing me off at first but I bought em anyway, the price is too good. The more I look at the pictures the more I like the pebble though, think it gives them more personality.



                @CJJ: Check these out:


                It's hard to find much about them, but here's a bit:


                I'm having a hard time nailing down specifics, but owners say they stack up well against other big English makers.



                  Anybody know if Cole Haan runs true to size? I'm thinking about grabbing these.



                    @trash: For whatever it's worth, I typically don't have trouble fitting into size 12 shoes in anything other than Cole haan. I'm a 12D in multiple AE lasts and I'm a 12 in everything else, but Cole Haans are too narrow for me.

                    With that being said, I really do think I have funny-shaped feet, any maybe Cole Haans are just less forgiving than other shoes.



                      I wear a 10E-10.5D and my Cole Haan 10D Air Coltons (I think) fit me very well.



                        @ Alan, thanks for taking the time to perform a search. I am digging those shoes you put up. I am going to post some other shoes for opinions but on the Ebay Shoe thread, dont want to hijack this one. Thanks again bro.



                          I have funny shaped feet too - being super skinny, I've got no meat on the heel. My toes are still a normal width since that's just the bone structure. So in the heel, I'm a B, in the toes, more like a C.

                          I'm stopping by AE's store at some point to get the toe box stretched with their specialized shoe trees. They keep them overnight, apparently.

                          Okay, this is how sick my brain is getting: I thought - oh, I forgot to bring a spare set of shoes to wear home after dropping them off. No problem! I'LL JUST BUY ANOTHER PAIR while I'm there!



                            @nicholascrawford: I only see one flaw with that logic... You'd be paying full price. ;-)



                              Have no fear! This is the Shoe Bank store that I'd be stopping at, so I could try on the on-sale factory seconds in person! How sweet is that! Oh my, I need to block on my router for the next 30 days.

                              AND, AND! I would have to go back the next day to pick them up! So much temptation!