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broad shoulders and causal jackets and tailoring

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    broad shoulders and causal jackets and tailoring

    board shoulders as in very broad, as in XL fits my upper body-well enough, M fits my waist.
    casual jackets as in think nylon, zippers, etc..
    tailoring as in capability.

    a lot of these styles are slim fit, tight in chest. moto style, needs to sit around your neck. lots of stitching, plastic-y nylon materials, etc...

    Doesn't need to be perfect, but what kind of ability would a tailor have to tear up a jacket like this and do some magic? taper the waist of an XL to a M.

    Anyone have experience with this?

    im looking at a jacket like

    p.s. im much bigger and better looking then that douche model

    Taking the in the sides/waist shouldn't be that big of an issue, I'd be worried about the placement of any pockets and other details moving if there is a lot of tailoring required.