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    Okay, so I ended up getting 3 pairs of washed chinos: the olive SL, graham slacker SL, and Jet blue SL. With the 3 coupons I bought and the 40% code, I spent a grand total of about 74 dollars for all three pair. Not bad!

    @CJJ - Apparently they don't sell lengths <30", so I'm just going to be altering. Well worth it for the money though, and I'm eager to see the famous Bonobos fit.



      Question: does anyone have any experience with Bonobos shirting? How's the fit? I'm really tired of "slim fits" fitting like a slightly less baggy trash bag around me.



        I have a couple of their Year Rounder Oxfords and a couple polos. After some issues with the polos (holes in one and fitting on the other) I can honestly say they are my favorites. I had to go XXL because of my shoulders and chest but contrary to other polos they are baggy in the mid section.

        The year rounders arent body hugging but they are tapered around the midsection. I'm a big guy so I might not be the best reference for slim cut shirts. I consider BR's slim fit body hugging.



          I didn't have great luck with the shirts. The quality was fine, but it was too slim for me through the shoulders. If you're a slim guy, you'll likely be happy with them.

          That said, I'd say they're no where near the quality of say Ratio, which is custom. They sometimes have sales (follow them on twitter or facebook for deals). . They really are the best shirts I've ever owned.



            Hey Y'all,

            Disclaimer: I'm a Sr. Ninja @Bonobos. Thought I'd join the conversation and provide a quick breakdown of my experience with our fits and sizing across a few of our pant and shirt styles. This is totally unofficial and not intended to be a real fit guide, but maybe my experience with our pants and shirts will help some of you find the style and size that works for you.

            My "normal" sizes across most brands (J. Crew, GAP, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, etc.) are the following on average:

            Pants: 33x30

            Shirts: Medium

            Here's how I compare across a few Bonobos categories:

            Washed chinos

            My best size = 32x30, so size down 1 in waist. You can probably go with your "true" size, but definitely size down 1 if you like a more fitted look.

            Game Day chinos

            Best size = 34x30, so size up 1 in waist. Game Days fit a little narrow in the thighs. Slimmer guys tend to like them because of it.

            Work Day wools

            Best size = 33x30, so stay true to size.

            Foundation suit pants

            Best size = 34x30, so size up 1 in waist. I try to make sure the pockets don't pop up as a result of a snug fit, so sizing up does the trick for me.

            Midweight cords

            Best size = 33x30, so stay true to size. If you're in between sizes, go with the smaller one since this style has some stretch in it.

            Bull denim

            Best size = 32x30, so size down 1 in waist. Consider sizing up to the next inseam because this style tends to run short. I have pretty short legs and am fine with my normal inseam of 30" (the shortest we offer). Bull denim has a lower rise and is my favorite fit across all styles.

            Premium denim

            Best size = 32x30, so size down 1 in waist. 33x30 gives me a better fit on the first wear, but these tend to stretch out quite a bit after the first week or two of wear. I suck it up for a couple of days until I break them into the right fit. Size down 2 waist sizes if you like a slimmer fit or get 1 size down in our new slim fit Flatiron denim.

            Stretch cotton

            Best size = 33x30 or 32x30, so stay true to size. Stretch cotton pants have a baggier fit. Sizing down tends to give me a better fit through the leg, but the waist gets a little too tight. Get this style if you have larger thighs or like a slightly baggier fit.


            Best size = 33x30, so stay true to size. I could afford to size down 1, but end up with a dressier look if I park it at 33x30.

            All-Rounder Oxfords

            Best size = Medium, so stay true to size. I love these. They're a little fitted, so you might consider sizing up if you like a looser fit or are a bigger guy.

            Sport shirts

            Best size = Medium, so stay true to size. Awfully similar to the oxfords.

            Hope that helps! Feel free to respond to this thread or reach out to the ninjas if you have any questions.


            Dennis (@den_blanco) & the Ninjas (@bonobosninjas)

            877-294-7737 (ninja hotline)

            [email protected]



              @Dennis - Thanks! That's extremely helpful. Just ordered some of your premium denim today, looking forward to trying it out. Been extremely satisfied with Bonobos so far.



                Thanks Dennis! Wish I had seen your reply before I ordered because I had to exchange the Washed Chinos that I ordered in my regular size 32x32 for 31x32. Your customer service was excellent and actually sent me the 31x32 even before I had sent back the 32x32.



                  Thanks for that guide, Dennis. One thing I'm curious about, does Bonobos have any plans to make a line of tapered leg pants? I'm not a skinny pants guy, but I definitely like a taper below the knee. Tailors can usually take care of that, but if I can save myself a trip and money I'd much rather do that.



                    Wouldn't it be easier to stay true to size with everything? Is there a plan to phase out the lines that require sizing up or down?



                      @NC, exactly what I was thinking.



                        @Kenneth So awesome. Thanks for the order! I think you'll love the denim. Let us know how it works out for you.

                        @Juan Ah, sorry I couldn't beat you to the order. Great to hear that we've got the new pants on the way and that my sizing advice for washed chinos would've been accurate.

                        @TomasR I'm totally with you - I prefer a tapered leg opening. We're launching slim fit washed chinos soon, but these will also be slimmer above the knee. No current plans to launch pants with the same above-the-knee fit + a tapered opening, but anything can happen with enough customer feedback. Our current slim straight Flatiron denim really isn't too slim above the knee and has a tapered leg. You might want to give these a shot if you're in the market for jeans.

                        @nicholascrawford Yes, definitely. We're working on greater fit consistency across all styles. Different styles are made in different factories, different fabrics drape and stretch differently, etc., but we're doing everything we can to make knowing your Bonobos size as easy as possible.



                          Tim from Bonobos here.

                          Nicholas - To piggy back on Dennis' answer: That level of consistency is actually really really hard. Especially being a relatively small, young company with factories all over the world. Different products are made in different places by different manufacturers (wherever can make it the best) and that can make exact measurements tough to standardize between categories. Throw in that each different fabric is made with its own specific pattern to account for the way it drapes and hangs and feels and is styled.

                          The number of cogs in the wheel between designing a pant, approving the fit, getting some samples and then moving to mass production are more than you might think. We have a certain "tolerance" for error - all clothing manufacturers do - for each specific spec of the pant, and so long as the measurements are within those we find that the fit works as planned (aka super awesome).

                          That said, if one style ends up running a tad big and another a tad small, that difference is essentially doubled and can result in sizing changes for some people. Other fabrics, like denim, stretch over their first few wears which can make sizing additionally tricky. (Would you mail back 1,000 pairs of denim because when you made your first bulk run they were all .25" big in the waist? - Keep in mind that if you could squarely blame them and demand a refund they probably wouldn't work with you again. That's why tolerance is mutually agreed upon and contractual.)

                          This is not to say that our current inconsistencies are "OK" and that we aren't working on moving towards a standard sizing. We've gotten a lot better at standardization and it remains a priority to keep that momentum moving forward. Along the way we'll try to educate customers about what size they should buy both by having customers leave reviews on the site as well as by developing a fit guide on site to help folks out.

                          Part of Dennis' sizings will be specific to him and his frame, but his experience approximates the rest of the Ninjas.

                          Hopefully that's at least as helpful as it was verbose!




                            It would be great if you had some measurements for each model on the site, even if there's some wiggle room on the actual final product. Just seeing the relative widths of the thighs vs the leg openings would help to know if I'll like the fit, which could cut down on returns. I find that I have to size down 1" on everything except wools which seem true to size (or it could just be snugger when I'm tucking in a dress shirt and undershirt).



                              I can only speak for myself of course, but I'm thoroughly impressed by your level of transparency, Tim! Having some experience with mass-produced items myself and the level of error that must be pragmatically tolerated, I can sympathize with the difficulty of homogenizing large quantities of merchandise.

                              Question that I have: Part of the merchandise that my friend can see on his Bonobos Great Ape sale I can't find *anywhere* on the Bonobos site, sale price or not. Why is that the case?



                                Trash - Like the suggestion. We used to do that actually and dropped it off the site because we had a bunch of new models come through and it wasn't something we had a ton of feedback on. Probably wouldn't be too hard, updating the details on a few hundred products is a project, but it's doable and might be worth it.

                                The Straight Legs are all pretty consistent, the leg opening being .5" narrower than the knee. Some fabrics vary from that, but only to produce the same visual. The Ninja Pants 1.0 and the Slim Straight denim are the only pants with a sharper taper right now - though the Slim Fit Washed Chinos launching in the next couple days will also taper more.

                                Tapering a pant is a tad more expensive than hemming, but you can still trust most dry-cleaners to do it for about $15-$25.

                                Love the feedback on this thread. Super helpful for us over here. Thanks to all, and keep it coming!