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    Bonobos Questions

    How is their fit on chinos and oxfords compared to LEC, BR and GAP? I wear M and 32x32 in those other brands, so trying to decide if I should order the same size from Bonobos.

    Are there any discount codes available, other than the one above (TELL25 - $25 off $150)? Looking for coupon to combine with Gift Certificates that I purchased through the FAB deal.



    That's a difficult question because I've had different items from the same stores above fit differently.



      Over at they have a deal where you can get a $60 coupon to Bonobos for $30.

      The above link is an invite (I get a $25 referral credit if you use it, but if you prefer to just sign up at I think you can without a referral).

      The nice thing about this coupon is that you can stack it with a discount code to get extra savings. For example, if you want a pair of $88 washed chinos, you can use the code BBBVDAY ($20 off of orders over $80) along with your $60 credit to get the pants for net $38.

      As for Bonobos themselves, there are mixed reviews, but the pants are their most highly rated product. Personally I find them to be a much better pant than what i've gotten from J Crew, BR, etc. The key is to never pay full price, because you really don't need to.

      Hope that helps!

      Here is the link to the actual Bonobos deal:



        I can't speak for their oxfords and dress shirts, but I like their sports shirts. They're decently slim and the three I have all fit similarly so no inconsistency problems. The fabrics are pretty soft, and construction seems fine (and of course if there are issues the Bonobos return policy is great). Try BETTERFIT or BUTTERYSOFT for 20% off. Stacking that with the Fab voucher makes for a pretty good deal in my mind.

        As far as pants go, fits vary across models. In my experience, their cords and chinos vary from about the same as LEC straight fits to a bit slimmer, and (at least for my build) have better proportions.




          Don't forget the cashback when shopping at

          Also some codes that may work along with cashback



            I sized down one size on the jeans, and they fit well.

            If it's your first order from Bonobos, first50 will get you $50 off $100. Facebook40 is 40 percent off.



              Oh wow. I may have to jump on this. Anyone have any experience with Bonobos golf pants? I need some semi-nice pants that I can move in for work.



                Thanks guys! I will just order my regular size and do an exchange if I have to, since it's free to do so.



                  I have two Year Rounders in XXL because I found the XL to be too snug in the chest. Still I've lost weight since I first purchased the items and think that there XL would fit me now and I would equate them to BR's slim fit (I wear a XL in BR). Not sure how tall you are but I'm 6'3" and I struggle to keep them tucked in. Good thing about Bonobos is their exchange/return policy.



                    @mmr - I used your referral code, thanks! I'm trying Bonobos for the first time. Getting the washed chinos in graham slacker and olive.



                      @Kenneth - Thank you! I did the same and got someone else $25 in credit on this board, so I guess karma is working on my side!

                      I'm getting the Graham slackers as well. I think those are supposed to be the Bonobos staple. On the site the fabric on the gingham graham slackers looks significantly different than the plaid version of the same pant. Not sure which one to roll with, but leaning towards the gingham.



                        @mmr - they do indeed look different, but the plaid is out in my size, so it's gingham for me! I like how the plaid looks more, but I'm hoping that that's just an illusion.



                          @ mrr007, I have both the plaid and gingham and they are exactly the same. I've ordered more than a few things from Bonobos and would recommend you thoroughly inspect the pants when they arrive. Also, if you are not sizing down in length be prepared to have them altered as the chinos come longer than is normal (purposely).



                            How much should we size down in length? I'd really rather not have to have them hemmed. I haven't placed my order yet, waiting for coupon codes.



                              I usually buy 34 (I'm a 33 but cant find my waist/lenght combination) but in Bonobos I've started to go with a 32. That being said it depends how much break you want. My 32 lenghts have little break but I like them that way. In order to keep my perfect fit I wash them in delicate and air dry.

                              The beauty of Bonobos is that you can exchange until you find the combo that works for you.