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    @jose: It's hard to go wrong with dinner. She's not being realistic if she's expecting flowers and chocolates.

    Even if you're still on the fence, though, I'd make a reservation now if I were you. You're not obligated to use it, but you'll wish you had done it if you decide to ask her out later.



      Agreed with Alan -- prepare for one and do some place you'll be comfortable. I think that the doing too much / doing too little has a lot to do with how *you* feel about what you're doing and if you're confident in whatever you do. Of course she could also just be expecting something totally off the reservation--shocking to think a girl could do that, I know--but you can't be expected to account for that.



        Living Social has a Teleflora $25 for $50 deal going on for the next two days. If you havent already found a gift... you are welcome.





            Ok. This sounds like good advice. Thanks, dudes!



              I found the missing puzzle piece on my lunch break that's really going to "tie" my whole Valentine's outfit together.

              (I'm not sure which is worse. That pun or the fact that I'm planning what to wear for a date this far an advance.)



                Only five days in advance... it's not like you're buying Christmas gifts in March or something.




                  Good luck tonight, y'all!



                    Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day to us all!


                    Happy Valentine's Day! if you fall for that kind of thing.



                      @ Alan, I know what is worse than your pun or advanced attire planning... Me wanting to know what the tie you bought (and didnt wear) looks like. Post a pic.

                      FYI. My wife would laugh her a** off is she knew I was asking. Good thing this is such a tight community.



                        The massage is a no-show. Total bust.

                        Good luck to the rest of the crew!



                          @ Nick, Bummer! From what you've said its probably pay back from canceling a few times. Did they at least give you notice?



                            No. No notice. Not answering the phone.

                            Whatever, I sold a big job today. I'll cry myself to sleep with that contract. ;-)

                            She's being good to close the gap on the 18 episodes of Mad Men we have left! Now I should slip into a sexy little number like cords and a v-neck. ;-)



                              @nicholascrawford Mad Men Mar. 25! Good Choice!