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"Do not wear brown shoes with a black suit"

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    @Chareth - That is definitely the traditional viewpoint, and I agree with your example. I think navy is just cycling through a less popular period, but it doesn't make your recommendation any less true.

    I'm going to play catch up going from black to grey to navy with suit purchases, but I'll get there. I think a navy traveling suit would be ideal. Indochino has a navy suit that's loaded with pockets, and I like that concept.



      My problem with navy is that 95% of the navy suits I see basically look black. The other 5% don't fit me or are too expensive. :-)

      I'd love to find a navy suit with a rich, blue color rather than being pseudo-black.




        There's no such thing as too expensive... There's only too new



          true words of a thrifter.



            Sorry to push this thread in another direction, but I read this on SF:

            Not just that, but I like formal suits to be rather minimalist and simple.

            Also, to me, a suit vest is day wear. I don't wear them at night, if I can avoid it. For night, I prefer DB, no vest.

            It was by Manton, who is "dubiously honored". Anyhow, is it "incorrect" to wear 3 piece suits in the evening? What about for business? How about for fun?



              I agree with keeping a formal suit simple... and dark.

              A three piece suit strikes we as work wear so I agree with the guy. I'm assuming "DB" means double button (and not double breasted). Doubled breasted suits are a whole other matter. I think they look a lot better on my father-in-law (a 65 yr old lawyer) than me(a 32 yr old software guy). I know a certain someone in these forums that might beg to differ, but I won't call him out. ;-)

              Anyways, back on topic... I wouldn't say the inclusion or lack of a vest is correct or incorrect in any way, but I do agree with your SF guy. To me, a three piece suit means business. It would seem a little stuffy for evening wear IMO.



                @BenR: Fun fact. The midnight blue tuxedo was originally invented in the 1920's because black tuxes didn't look black enough for the Prince of Wales under artificial lighting.



                  Alan, what do you think of waistcoat lapels on Indochino's Essential 3 piece for business? I saw it here:


                  and I must say, the lapels are awesome. I am aware of the fact that it's a 7-button vest and of different color. What do you think?



                    I'll be honest... You're approaching foreign territory for me. I don't actually own any so it wouldn't be fair for me to start spouting off on the matter with any sort of authority. :-S



                      I love waistcoat lapels. I wear this one as part of my personal uniform. Loads of compliments every time.

                      Seen in action here:



                        Personally, I don't like waistcoat lapels on "formal" waistcoats, but I'm ok with them on more "western" looking vests (like the one Nicholas linked to). For a waistcoat designed to be worn with a jacket over the top, I just feel like the multiple lapels can get really busy, really fast. If the vest is meant to be more of a standalone garment, though, then that's not a problem.

                        Also, unrelated, the model in that Indochino pic looks like a mob hitman. Just sayin'. (It's probably the gloves.)




                          @Alan, I would hope that he meant double button, but I've never heard that expression. I think that guy means double breasted, which is fine for one guy, but it's not a look for everyone.

                          I think it looks good on this Shawn Cannon-look-alike, but if you've got a big chest and belly, a double breasted suit will make you look positively enormous around the midsection.

                          Three-piece suits? I'm a lover. I think it helps break up my height and give me more dimension, and I wouldn't hesitate to wear it at night. It has more of the 1920s and 1950s look that I like. That said, there's something perfect about a 2 button, 2 piece suit.




                            Actually, I was thinking of wearing that suit without the jacket JUST as much as with it. I saw Tim Gunn on How I met Your Mother in slacks, plaid shirt, and a vest and it looked GREAT.


                            Options =] I want the 3 piece because I don't think they sell it separately.



                              FWIW, "Manton" is Michael Anton, author of this book:


                              If you're looking for the traditional rule of suiting, he's your guy. My guess is that by "DB" he meant double-breasted.



                                The waist suppression on that suit looks a bit ridiculous to me. I'd even say the whole thing looks too slim (especially the arms), but I guess that's the norm for GQ these days isn't it? I'm all for properly slim clothing but that suit looks like it would be uncomfortable to move around in.