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"Do not wear brown shoes with a black suit"

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    Depends on your business... Are you a club DJ, a drug dealer, or a third world dictator?







        The suit is made of "65% Dacron/35% Viscose"; coincidentally, it seems to be the same material that my other suit is made of. I think it is SharkSkin; it says wrinkle resistant or something similar to that. I've looked but no cigar. Is there a particular way to tell if it is made of polyester?

        @Jason: REAL Business =] As in office/corporate suits.



          There's no natural fibers there... That's not a good place to be. Sharkskin is a particular weave of wool, so that's not sharkskin.

          I was hinting that the only "business" for which a shiny suit would be "appropriate" is one of those unsavory businesses.



            Thanks, Jason. I'll go look for a more conventional grey. For my situation, do you think lighter or darker is more appropriate?



              A medium grey is a little more versatile. A dark grey is a little more formal. Avoid a lighter grey unles it's as a second suit.



                Alan, can you please provide me an example? Is this what you're talking about?




                  You could wear that suit anywhere. Great color to start with.

                  I would also shy away from a grey suit with a noticeable pattern until you have a couple suits.

                  With a simple grey color (colour? =D), you can use all different kinds of shirt and tie combos, and no one will be thinking, "oh hey, it's the same glen plaid suit he always wears to everything".



                    @nicholascrawford: FWIW, my only grey suit has pin stripes, but it's not my primary. I didn't follow the conventional wisdom that your primary suit should be grey. Instead, I have my conservative navy suit and my fun grey pin stripe suit. I went into the situation knowing I was buying two suits back-to-back.

                    But for anyone buying just one suit, I would definitely agree to stick with a solid grey. And I may still go back and get a solid charcoal suit to start rounding out the collection.



                      Other than Indochino, can you gentlemen suggest any other places that offer a decent grey suit for under $300? I'll go with solid as you suggested, notch lapel, 2 button, side vents. The website is sufficient. I'll have fun looking =]



                        Tommy Hilfiger. Try Macy's.



                          I laugh inside when I see people pair a solid black suit with dark or light brown shoes at work. It's absolutely hideous. I've even see burgundy shoes with a solid black suit. Trust me, these people cannot pull it off. This is coming from a place that is very conservative in they're clothing, everyone wears black suits and mostly all black shoes. The shoes consist of huge square toe'd corrected grain, Stacy Adams from Macys. I think you all can depict what I've said.



                            Tat, you say that you where you work people dress conservatively but also that everyone wears black suits. Are you sure it's not a very dark navy you're seeing? Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference in indoor lighting.

                            I'm just wondering because outside of security guards and kids fresh out of school, I see very, very few flat black suits around NYC. I work in a conservative industry, and dark navy with black shoes is the most common choice.



                              This probably shows that I'm probably older than most of you here, but for the "one and only suit" question, my vote is for dark navy every time. Then charcoal. Then mid- or light grey, if you really want to push it.

                              I can't think of a single situation where a suit is required and navy would not be appropriate; to me, if you only have one suit, versatility is paramount. A mid- or light grey -- I'm thinking of Indochino's Essential Gray for reference -- on the other hand is only a two season suit, great during the day but less so at night, and not appropriate for interviewing in some industries.

                              Just my opinions, I'm sure some will disagree.



                                No, I work for Wells Fargo doing Private Banking for big money clients. Trust me, everyone wears cheap black suits. Its absolutely hideous. Many of the employees on the same floor as me doing other jobs are of the younger generation. 20s-30s. They are all cheap mens wearhouse buy 1 get 1 free suits.

                                I'm not here for the soul purpose of criticism, but merely adding to the topic at hand with my personal experience.