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How does this blazer fit?

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    How does this blazer fit?

    This is the "INC International Concepts Jacket, Core Two Button Blazer" from Macy's on sale last week for 41 bucks. (

    How do you think it fits?

    I bought a size Small and I'm 6'3" 140lbs.

    detailed pic of the blazer



    Fit is all personal, and personally I think the jacket length is 2" short. I like mine to just barely cover my rear. The sleeve length actually looks pretty good.

    This is strange because I usually have the opposite problem with jackets. I am 6'2" 180lbs and when I get jackets the length is usually good, but the sleeve length is often 1" short or so.

    I would suggest going with a medium to get a little more length. You can always have it taken in at the waist. If you like the way it fits though, then keep it.



      I like the waist and sleeves for the most part. It might slightly short side for some, but I'm also tall and thin, and generally prefer my jackets to be about an inch or two shorter than the traditional "fingers-cupped" length.

      You might get a better idea with a dress shirt underneath, since it's a little easier to judge proportions with a placket, collar, and sleeves.

      Also, are your arms a little on the short side for your height? I'm surprised that the small fits them well, I'd usually size a medium. Maybe INC has a pretty small sleeve length variation across their sizes.



        It's a bit short, probably 1"-2" depending on your personal taste. This heavily depends on what you're going to be wearing it with. The more casual a jacket, the shorter it can be without being ridiculous. If you'll be wearing this with jeans, you're probably ok. If you're going to be wearing it with chinos or dress trousers, then it's a bit too short.



          On you, I think the jacket looks like it fits pretty well. Your frame carries the shorter jacket well. Now take off the t-shirt and put on a proper button down. Then you will be set.



            I examined it twice. The first time i thought it was too short. But then I saw the pics again and decided that with your build, it fits well. It is not a suit jacket, so you have some room to break some rules. It is a very casual look, I would restrict it to the casuals, chinos, almost always no ties (if ties, go skinny, so it makes it mesh well, and your proportions will work), maybe polos here and there. Keep the contrast, i like a pair of tan chinos, and dessert boots, with a white polo.

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