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Any experience with Florsheim shoes? How do they fit?

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    Good looking shoe


      Originally posted by evanparker View Post

      got a set in this color for $16 at Marshalls.

      They are the clunkiest shoes in my entire closet, but as a contrast to my AE's they're kind of nice that.

      The vegetable tanned leather is interesting, and very squishy. It's not particularly good quality leather, but at least it's not coated or simply horrible like their other shoes. With some dark brown shoe polish mine developed a mature looking patina.

      The shape of the shoes is super anti-sexy. it's a big enormous boat of a shoe. Walking in them is like parking a cruise ship sometimes.

      The actual craftsmanship is just fine, funny enough. Florsheim's Indian shoe makers can apparently assemble a fairly good shoe. They're definitley not comparable to any of the quality shoes I own, but they're definitley better than something molded rubber sole from JPC or Aldo.

      If they were my only shoes I think I would hate them. As an odd Thursday shoe, they're kind of neat.
      I've heard India's shoemakers described as amazing with leather and inept with meshes/techwear. For $16 it's a no-brainer!


        i'd be curious to see what desi-dress shoes they have for the home market.