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    Looking for walking shoes

    To be more specific, I'm looking for a sharp pair of shoes around $100 (or less) to be my mainstays for our upcoming honeymoon to Paris/Lyon/Nice this summer. I'm taking at most 2 pairs of shoes on this 10-day trip.

    It'll be warm and we'll likely be walking a lot, so I'm looking for something breathable, light, and with some cushion and support. I'm planning on wearing light colors, particularly linen or cotton poplin pants in lighter shades of brown and maybe blue.

    I already own a pair of Clarks desert boots, which are great, but a bit flat-footed. Perhaps an insert would do well for extra comfort. I also own these:, which look cool and are comfortable (with surprisingly good arch support), but I'm not sure about extended walking in them.

    Any thoughts from the Dappered crowd? Thanks in advance.


    I haven't been to any of the citiesyou've listed, but a lot of sidewalks and streets in European cities I've visited are paved in stone. If you don't have enough support in the sole, you'll certainly feel it over time. And all that walking on a leather sole will destroy a pair of shoes so I would either look for a rubber sole or leather/rubber composite.

    I picture, in my mind, a pair of Air-series Cole Haans with leather/rubber composite soles. Maybe something like these:

    I can't personally speak for them since they were (unfortunately) too narrow for my feet, but they look nice for a trip that will undoubtedly include some fancy dinners and should HOPEFULLY stay comfortable enough for daily walking.

    EDIT: DARNIT! They only have one size left. I didn't see that. They used to have a ton. :-P



      If you can afford to be less dressy and more comfortable, I'm generally opposed to paying full price for anything, but I like these:

      Bass also makes one that's cheaper, but they also look slightly rougher (and sneaker-ish):



        This one looks a little more "orthopedic" than the others, but it also comes with a cushioned insole, and the thicker sole probably provides some shock absorption:



          Hmmm... It just occured to me WHERE in France you're going... You're talking about a lot of change of scenery. Big city, coastal... maybe some country side? Finding one shoe for that is tricky.

          And yes, I am probably thinking too hard about this. But then again, I think I took 3 pairs on my honeymoon... 4 if you count flip flops.



            As an avid minimalist runner, I should probably refrain from commenting about all these "cushioned" and "supportive" shoes. But for me, the least comfortable shoes are the most "supportive" ones - i.e. the ones that lock my feet into place and prevent them from moving naturally. Wearing cushioned, orthopedic shoes is like wearing a neck brace all day.

            My completely unsolicited advice would be to work on building up your feet muscles and slowly getting rid of your squishy "comfort" shoes, not the other way around. B-)




              Here's another option:


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              It's goodyear welted, has a comfortable footbed and a rubber sole. You also have a few nice color options. I have the leather sole version of this shoe (Veblen) and it's really comfortable to walk in.

              I've been to Nice and Paris and loved both. You will have a great time...enjoy!



                And in non-preachy news, I have to say that I find my Johnston and Murphy Brennan wingtip bucks to be very comfortable for long-distance walking. I have them in grey and it's a good year-round color. The navy and taupe look pretty versatile too - and bucks are a nice way of embracing your American-ness without being a d-bag about it. B-)





                  Thanks for all the great suggestions so far. I think I see what you're generally leaning toward and will focus my search more in that direction.



                    Not a problem, Jim. One observation for my own honeymoon...

                    Both my wife and I dressed up more than usual, and it made the whole thing more special. We felt like VIP's, and that's part of the fun. :-)



                      I lived in Paris for several years, what I would recommend is something easy to clean. Parisian streets are dirty!



                        @ Alan:

                        My fiancee and I are thinking much the same thing.



                          Here's a venetian option:


                          It appears to have a thin (less old-mannish) sole. It's casual, relatively American (despite the "Venetian" name), and stylish. Plus, even though it has a leather sole, it has rubber pads on the heel and outsole for durability, traction, and comfort. It's not the kind of shoe to wear to dinner, but for goofing off during the day, it fits the bill (assuming you're staying on pavement). It'll go nicely with linen pants.

                          I can't speak for this particular pair's fit, but I do own a pair of Sperry Gold Cup boat shoes, and they're very comfortable.

                          A suede version is here:


                          A penny loafer version is here:




                            This Cole Haan venetian gets high marks for comfort - particularly while walking. It's not a particularly formal sole, but it's vacation so who knows... Plus it's half off so that's got to count for something:




                              I've had great experience with Born shoes, and if you pick the right ones I think they can straddle the line between classy and ready for action.