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    Thought I'd put this out to the forum.

    Being a tall and slim kinda guy 6'5" & 185 lbs. Even tailored shirts

    can balloon a little bit. Tailored fit from Jcrew L shirts run short in the

    body and the XL tend to balloon a bit in the back, but fit better in the arms

    in and length wise.

    On my trip to the tailor, do I ask for darts or see if they can take the sides in.


    You can do either one. Darts will be slightly cheaper (and reversible).

    I don't think darts work with every type of shirt or style.



      Figured it might be a problem with patterned shirts. They quoted me $5 when I called, so I might as well see what it does for the fit.



        Either one will slim the shirt down. I've had shirts with both done to them. Darting tends to give much more of a V shape to the shirt, so if you're slightly athletic it'll look good.

        Be advised that there are some who believe that darts are for women's clothing. I've worn shirts with dirts several times as stated above, but I've seen some very fierce debates erupt regarding darts in men's clothing.



          i think darting is ok, as i have darted some shirtsmyself. i would only dart the shirts that dont have any breaks in the yolk as this will look really bad.

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            I find that just getting shirts made-to-measure gives the best fit, then you do not have to spend the extra $15-25 to get it darted. I recommend Proper Cloth, but others are good too, I'm sure. I am really satisfied with mine.



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                Nothing wrong with Darts at all they can be a cheap fix, if done properly they look good and you can hardly notice them. They don't look bad either, I find a center box pleat is a lot more attention grabbing.