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J Crew Broadmoor Quilted Jacket

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    J Crew Broadmoor Quilted Jacket

    Hello. First time, long time. I am looking to purchase a quilted jacket for the winter. I just purchased and returned the Boden quilted jacket. I would have like it better had I sized down and my wife called it "old lady-ish". I liked it, it seemed like it would be warm enough but for the price I did not love it.

    Now I am looking at the J crew Broadmoor jacket. I am deciding between the navy

    and the Japanese Chambray

    Does anyone have feedback on the fit and quality of these jackets? I am 5'10" 170 lbs and typically wear a size M or medium slim. Should I size down to small like alot of the reviews of the website suggest? I am intrigued by the Japanese Chambray but having a hard time picturing the actual material. Any ideas about this jacket? I guess the outer would be similar to a chambray shirt? I can't find better pictures than what they have on the website.

    Finally how would the Broadmoor compare to the J Crew Factory version in fit, warmth and quality?

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    I have one from last season in medium and wish I sized down to a small. I like the quality of the jacket a lot and it is super comfortable, but it is a bit boxy/loose fitting for my tastes.

    For reference, depending on the shirt, I usually wear a Slim M in most JCrew mainline shirts (although a Slim S lately in the "secret wash" ones).

    I haven't seen the factory version in person - I think that is new for Fall 2014.


      I have the Broadmoor Quilted Vest. (1) Definitely size down, I typically wear Slim S in Jcrew shirts, the XS in the vest was a great fit. (2) The Broadmoor vest is several steps in quality above the JCF version sold last year. I went spend the extra money to get the Broadmoor jacket. (3) I would go with the navy over the chambray. The chambray has a cool look to it, but I feel like you would wear the navy more often.


        I just picked up the broadmoor in navy and the coat is awesome, especially if you wait for 30% off. It has a substantial feel to it, color and details are classic, and the inside cotton lining is, in my opinion, a lot better option and more comfortable than poly-lined (which I believe the JCF option is). As for sizing, I wear a 38r and purchased a medium but am thinking of swapping for a small. The chest wasn't bad but the waist seemed a little boxy and the sleeves were a tad long. I'm going to try and get to the store in the next week or so to try the small and will report back.


          Odd my experience in sizing is completely different. I have a 38"c/32"w and found last years Small to be too tight for my liking.


            I'm 5'9", 150ish, normally wear small and 36R. I own an older version of the Broadmoor and didn't find the small to be too big or boxy at all. YMMV.