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    Copy Cat Syndrome

    Was wondering if anyone else has/had this issue....

    I have one friend that used to be the worst dresser in our group of friends, usually his outfit consisted of...

    pacsun t-shirts

    true religion jeans

    gym sneakers

    well now he started wearing my typical looks (button-ups and blazers) and now started being critical of the clothes i wear.

    Anyone have this problem come up? How did you handle? I usually just sarcastically remark about his stuff :-/


    Some people hate seeing others pick up on something from themselves. Others don't mind if someone likes what they see on another and starts enjoying it as their own. Not much you can do about it except try and see the bright side that you inspired one person to look less slobbish, just one person, and that made the trek all worthwhile. Plus, you may have someone to bounce style info off of. See what icons they find inspiring, what movies they like the style of, what tips they have for wearing *insert item here*. Try and make it a good thing where you now have someone to relate with about style, rather than sticking out like a sore boot. If you can't really accept the maturing of their style as inspired by your improved style, then you have to either keep it in of back out away from your friend. I don't think you have a right to tell them not to wear that stuff, but you don't have to be upset about it. Find the bright side or get away.



      Agreed. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If he's making irritating comments, just ignore that(or confront him about it if it bothers you that much.)



        Critical how?



          I'm sorry, which high school did you say it was that you two gentlemen attended?



            @frost..thanks for that

            to everyone else, critical in that he'll give me advice like he's trying to mentor me, but they're nonsensical (it doesn't matter what you're doing, you should always be wearing shoes)...... in short, my friend has went from being a poorly dressed guy i liked hanging out with to an obnoxious well dressed know-it-all

            i guess ill take it as a compliment, and nod along to his bad advice



              JToom, I saw that same "shoes"comment on some men's website, but I forget which one. Sounds like he's just regurgitating random stuff without regard to context or fact-checking. I wouldn't take it seriously.



                JToom, you can't seriously be surprised that he's ribbing you when you're making sarcastic comments about his outfit. That sounds more immature than high school. Maybe you're explaining this wrong, but I would think you would be encouraging others to dress better. Maybe you are, but it didn't come across that way.



                  Are you upset that he dresses well now or that he critiques and advises now? If his advice is as stupid as you say, I'd respond with, "THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!" and I'm not one to yell, so it would be humorous frustration. Or you could explain that he just said common sense and mistakingly assumed someone might not be abiding by his minor advice. Just tell him what about his advice is stupid if you honestly feel it is stupid. As far as dressing well, I get that it takes certain attention off you, but you have to know that many of your friends are going to be maturing in style at some point.

                  WARNING: Unnecessary rant below. Read only for ramblings of someone who hates their roommate's closet's guts.

                  For example, my tool-bag douche roommate is suddenly seeing all his pledge/frat buddies dressing better and not buying American Eagle exclusively in college. This epiphany of his annoys me for two reasons. Firstly, I have heard him explain his need to buy better clothes to his mother on Skype, and he talks like a dude-Yo! type as he says that his style has matured and Lacoste is going to be his grown up American Eagle. Second, my closet is full of the stuff he is telling his mom he needs to get now (though I opt out of logos, so Lacoste is at a minimum), but he didn't realize until days ago that his American Eagle filled closet next to mine looks tacky, obnoxious, and most definitely middle/high school. He also says he needs Sperry boat shoes (which I don't wear because I don't like them) because everyone has them, so naturally, he has to wear them. Not because he knows how to wear them or wants them.

                  As you can tell, he sucks. But I keep it in, so he keeps assuming I am his pleasant, clean, quiet roommate, while he leaves nasty stains on the counters, his sheets, and his dirty clothes crawl on the floor towards my space. Or so I hope he sees the differences between us in this way.

                  I never knew I could hate the word "Yo!" so much until I started living with him and learned that he answers his phone every time with the word, as well as to get my attention to ask questions. He is in the room as I type this, so I am having trouble explaining what is so funny, but it is really just my evil judgments pouring into Dappered Threads.

                  P.S. - He owns the ugliest custom Converse shoes that have yellow laces and interior, teal main colors, and red accents. Disgusting clown shoes.



                    yeah i guess im not explaining it well, but its become the norm to have him critiquing everyone's clothes and talking about how uninspired we all are and how we need to "step it up" when he's just blatantly ripping people off is what gets to me

                    i walways just sorta went in with the "yeah, i dunno i dress like this for work, and just sorta kept it going" mentality

                    i like that hes dressing better in that sense....i guess the attitude he's bringing is more the problem, but if im being a brat about this so be it, thanks for your honesty all



                      Well, if he is in the wrong when he comments on you guys, say so. If he says, "You wear too plain of ties all the time," then feel free to say, "No, I wear ties that James Bond would wear you tacky son-of-a-gun."

                      You know, constructive responses. Best of luck.



                        Let them swaggajackers jack they swag. Ain't hurtin' nobody.

                        But seriously, I never knew style could be such a heated subject between men. I only care about my own clothes and if anyone criticizes what I wear, I don't really give a crap (unless they are my employer or potential date).



                          @AedanM: +1000. 16 year old girls don't get that worked up over clothes.

                          Worry about yourself. Not what others say / do.



                            I'm personally flattered that all of you have decided to dress as I do.



                              @ bruschetta Glad to hear it!