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Essential Sport Coats and Blazers

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    Essential Sport Coats and Blazers

    I have a J Crew Tweed Sport Coat in grey, the LEC navy blazer, and a J Crew summer suit whose jacket I intend to wear as a blazer when it warms up. I am wondering what other sport coats and blazers I could add to my wardrobe. Any thoughts? Would this LEC herringbone sport coat be redundant with my grey tweed blazer? H=IDX_men-_-jackets-blazers&origin=index

    For reference, these are pictures of the ones I have: pen(20)&quality=90&profile=jpeg ~~~~~/16899.jsp


    Is this the herringbone sportcoat advertised on Primer? From my perspective it seems like it would be a versatile addition. It's sooo easy to dress down the herringbone, and the extra accoutrements on it make it look considerably less formal than even the tweed.



      What about a tan/khaki blazer ? Or maybe something cotton ?



        LEC soft khaki blazer. Only size 46 left online, may want to call and see if they can locate one for you.

        but for $35 cannot be beat as an everyday beater jacket in 3 seasons.

        Discussion here



          @JeffN: This has nothing to do with your original post, but I did want to point something out.

          In reference to wearing the jacket on your summer suit as a blazer... It's fine to do occassionally, but be mindful of wearing out the jacket and pants at different rates. That depends on the quality of the suit, but you get the idea. One way to combat that, though, is to have the WHOLE suit cleaned together every time - even if only one piece needs it. The cleaning process can cause wear just as much as daily use, and you don't want one piece to fade or "wear in" at a different rate.



            As for ACTUAL sport coat advice, here's mine...

            It sounds like you have your basics covered. That's good. A dedicated cotton (or linen if it gets warme enough where you are) khaki sport coat would be nice for warmer months to avoid wearing out your summer suit's jacket.

            However, I would actually recommend thrifting to find more sport coats. Instead of going in looking for a particular piece, though, look for ANYTHING that's high quality in your size that you don't already have. You can find things you didn't even know you wanted, and at (typically) under $10, it's ok to take a chance on it.

            Since you have the basics, it's ok to experiment. Have you considered materials like corduroy, cashmere, and camel hair? Have you considered patterns like windowpane, gingham, and houndstooth? I've seen them all in thrift stores.

            Once I bought my brown herringbone shooting jacket sport coat for $4, I knew I'd have a hard time paying retail prices for sport coats again. When I found my navy/black diamons patterened Hickey Freeman blazer, that sealed the deal.



              @ Jeff, I just want to eco Alan's advice about laundering the suit pieces at the same time. I used a Brooks Brothers suit coat much the same way you want to. I made the mistake of not having the pieces cleaned at the same time and when I decided I wanted to wear the pants and coat together, they were dramatically different shades. Lesson learned. Although I was getting married the next week and had to rush and get a new suit.



                One thing about sports coats: try to match styles.

                Don't wear a fine wool sports coat with jeans, unpressed khakis or the like.

                Similarly don't wear a cotton, linen, etc. sports coat with finely pressed dress pants.