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Used Allen Edmonds on Ebay... Opinions Wanted.

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    Used Allen Edmonds on Ebay... Opinions Wanted.

    Alright, so I tried to get the brown Bruno Magli Oxfords this morning on but I missed my shot! So, here are some shoes I found on Ebay to try and console myself about missing out on the Maglis. I've never bought used shoes so I'd like to know if the leather looks good on these and if not if it can be taken to a cobbler to be restored, also are they resolable? Also, do you think these are versatile enough to wear with jeans (night out with the wife) and job interview (not that I have one coming up but ya' never know).


    CJJ, those would look great with jeans, but they look a little too worn for a job interview.

    Can you wait a few days? Allen Edmonds is going to have a sale on Tuesday.



      @CJJ: You wear the same size I do. I'll keep my eyes open. I think you can find something that looks a littler newer than those AE Auburns, though. It might just be the lighting, but then again it might not.

      And if you're considering buying shoes on ebay, you may want to consider finding the nearest store that sells that brand so you can try on a similar shoe in person to make sure it fits right. I got lucky with a recent ebay shoe purchase, but it could have just as easily been a disaster.

      Also to consider, I wouldn't recommend wingtips for a job interview. Have you considered cap toes? the same seller has another pair of shoes that are pretty fantastic if they're not out of your prince range:

      They appear to be these:'s-shoes/men's-business-shoes/Dark-brown-Avdon-calf-leather-Oxford-shoes?q=usddefault||MC056DBN|||||217,||||||||#

      ... and they're brand spanking new. Either way, if you're buying thinking of buying from this seller, you may want to contact him and see if they're willing to accept a return if they don't fit right.



        BTW, What's your budget?



          Bruschetta, I'm not sure why you think these look "worn"? To me they seem to be in great used condition, just a small amount of creasing from ordinary use.

          Personally I think they look like great shoes. I'd probably go for a more conservative black for an interview, but these brown ones are certainly not inappropriate in any way.




            Charles Tyrwhitt shoes are made by Loake in England, I believe... They're approximately Allen Edmonds quality, so very solid shoes.

            I think those original shoes look nice, and would look great with jeans, khakis, or other trousers, but they're a little too casual for a suit IMO.



              Any word yet on how good this Allen Edmonds sale is going to be?



                CJJ I am normally against buying used shoes if they have been worn down too much as they can cause foot problems. Let me show you with a Allen Edmonds Macneil sliced in half:

                The cork in this picture can be replaced, but Allen edmonds does not replace the leather lining on top. If the leather lining is too worn down or conformed to the previous wearer's foot, the shoe may feel a bit uncomfortable and may not even allow accurate replacement of the cork.

                And yes as you can see they are resolable. they will replaced the soles, the cork and the welt.

                However, the shoes you listed on ebay look to be in really good condition. If the price remains low I'd consider picking them up.



                  @Acoustic that's really interesting! How much will the cork move for the 2nd owner? The pair of Arlingtons I got yesterday have a much more pronounced arch than my foot does. It's not uncomfortable, but it's noticeable. I'm hoping that over time they'll re-conform to my foot?



                    I noticed that the second hand AE Bagleys I bought were conformed to a foot that was totally different from mine. I fit a 12D, but the shape of my feet is just wierd. However, by the end of the first day, they were better. And by the end of the second wearing, it was as if nobody else had ever worn them before.

                    As for the used Poulsen, Skone, & Co's I just bought, they fit me perfectly as if the previous owner and I had the same feet. Either that or he didn't wear them enough to impact them.

                    So maybe I've dodged a couple bullets.



                      @Jason Carreira - the cork should adjust to the new owner a bit. Recrafted shoes with new cork definitely will but it's really the shape of the leather lining footbed that will have a hard time conforming to the new owners foot since that isn't replaced during recrafting. Lots of people seem to wear used shoes quite well tho, although it's generally not recommended by the podiatrists I've talked to.



                        @ All, as usual tons of great information. I am in no rush to buy the shoes. I really want a versatile shoe, so I will most likely continue to wait and see. Although if as

                        Acoustic says the price stays low I might consider getting them.

                        @ Alan, thanks for the link, those look more versatile than the ones I posted (good looking out). Also, my budget is in the $150 range.



                          @ Acousticfoodie - Do you talk to a lot of podiatrists? I was wondering if you knew their views on going barefoot vs. shoes.



                            @Grasking I've worked with some of them in the past and we share the same lunch room.

                            @CJJ - If you are interested in a versatile shoe the following shoes will be on Sale February 7th as seconds by calling (262) 284-7158. It sounds like you want a shoe that is extremely versatile for job interviews and heading out with the wife (without making her explode with the price!).

                            I think the following shoes during the sale will be good options EXCEPT perhaps the weybridge which might be a little bit too much for a job interview. If you work in a super conservative environment that needs balamoral cap toe shoes then I wouldn't recommend any of the following. Be sure to call on february 7th since supplies are limited to what they have on hand.

                            ***As a disclaimer seconds can be a hit or miss and could end up costing you money due to being dinged on returns***

                            LaSalle @ $139

                            DelRay @ $139

                            Kenilworths @ $179

                            Macneils @ $179

                            Weybridge @129

                            Lombard @ $140 walnut or $129 burgundy



                              Those Weybridges... oh my.

                              The MacNeils are tasty too. I might have to cave in to this sale....


                              Excuse me. This is Ben's brain. I have just disabled Ben's body to prevent him from doing something foolish like spending all his money on shoes just because they aren't $300 anymore.