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Buttons Under Sweaters

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    Buttons Under Sweaters

    The top most button on my button-up shirt shows through my V-Neck sweaters. They're not like crazy fitted or anything, and regardless of if I unbutton the second button from the top (depends on my mood ) the third button from the top seem to stick out. I only even noticed because people pointed it out to me. In fact, more than just one person noticed it.

    What I've been doing is imply unbuttoning that third-from-top button so the placket covers it. That seem to solve the problem.

    But is this a problem that anyone else has noticed? And if not, well, do you notice it now that I just made you aware?


    Example picture?




      (It is even more notable in person.)



        Perhaps it's a thin sweater? I would never notice that on another person. I expect that the material and thickness of the sweater makes a difference, but I would never notice that on someone else.



          @Alan Hm. It is true that if it's thicker you can't see it, but it does happen with any v-neck I own. I guess by nature they're not too thick.



            That's over analyzing. You're cool. =)

            Tell them it started happening recently and that it coincided with benching 600 lbs.



              Or that it coincided with benching their mom. The older your are, the better that joke is. Fact.

              This also cannot be contradicted as I ended my statement with "fact." Fact.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                Wear a tie?



                  agree with JC

                  wear a tie...



                    You're fine, in my opinion. I can't think of a solution other than a tie as they said above.



                      I would have said a tie except, in my experience, the tie actually shows much more than the buttons. It happens n every sweater vest I own. But all of my sweater vests are rather thin.

                      My best advice is to ignore it. If you continue to be self conscious over it, it will draw others to it. If you ignore it, nobody will ever see it.



                        @Greg_s Haha. That's a good one, thanks. Gotta use that one some time...

                        @ Alan Hey, I don't care. It just seems enough people noticed it that they do I generally just leave it.



                          devirkahan, athletes with sensitive nipples are known to use various types of tape to prevent chafing. I suspect that you could use the same tape to prevent your top button from being visible through articles of clothing.



                            I've developed a lot of callus on my nipples.

                            Not sure how that would help in this scenario.