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    Hey guys! Long time listener, first time caller. I'm currently a sophomore and have an internship in NYC this summer in a conservative accounting firm. I'm wondering if anyone can direct me to any specific brands and stores that would offer good attire for me. As a sophomore, I don't think I'm done growing, so is a pretty expensive suit (Suit Supply level) worth it at this point? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    What size are you now?



      I look at the stuff I bought several months ago as I was starting out with a wardrobe rehabilitation and think that you should never make a big ticket item one of your first purchases.

      Heck, I haven't even figured out how to buy dress shirts that fit, and I've been trying for a while.

      I would shop for a while - like a dozen stores in the mall, a dozen trips to 3-4 thrift shops, and a bunch of time marinating in some foundational style reads.

      On this site, the $1500 Wardrobe is a series that can't be beat:

      Once you thrift a couple sport coats that fit you well, you'll have a good sense of what size you are and begin to prepare for a high-quality suit. I wish I had started on that route.



        Is a suit necessary at this internship? I'm at a Big 4 and we rarely wear suits, however, being in NYC might warrant one.



          The team that is auditing my company right now from Deloitte dresses in business casual. However, we are in the advertising industry and therefore, in a very casual environment. I would assume that they dress according to the company that they are auditing/consulting. Therefore, you may need a suit or two if you will be out in the field. In their office, they wear business casual.

          I know not everyone is the same, but I stopped growing around my freshman year in college and I'm still the same size. I actually still have a few articles of clothing from that time that I still wear.

          Macy's is a good place to shop for decent suits at reasonable prices with one of those coupons/sales that they have quite often. Also, check out Marshalls and TJ Maxx for basics such as ties and socks. For business casual wear, you can get some nice stiff at decent prices from LEC. THey actually have a good sale going on now.



            Thanks a lot for your responses guys. I'm thinking of buying at least two, since I'll need them at times for sure. At least for a few important days, I don't really plan on wearing many suits for now. I'm around a size 36R or 38R. I'll look into some of those websites suggested above, but does anyone in NYC have any experience shopping at Zara for suits, for example? I'd like to try some stuff on before shopping online for now.



              Try tons of stuff on and go to a bunch of stores. I don't know Zara. In general, if you're window shopping, going to a mall store or department store to try on stuff is best. You don't want to go to a high end clothier if you're just window shopping. Men's Wearhouse or Jos. A. Bank are in the first category, not the second. ;-)



                I have never shopped Zara in the US, but in Europe their stuff runs reaaaaally small. When I was 155lb (I'm 6') I was an XL in their sweaters. It fit like an American small. I would make sure to check measurements.

                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



                  Sophomore in college or high school??? Anyways, congratulations on the internship!



                    Try asking your boss for advice on dressing for the office. He / she will understand that you're still in college and unsure of the dress code.



                      Zara is slightly better than H&M in regards to quality. A suit from there will last you a couple of years if you take proper care of it. They really focus on what's trending right now so I recommend them for something stylish and very "new yorker". Its also better than Topman in the sense that they don't go overboard of what's trending and you won't make you stand out as the hipster kid once you start. if you're around 19-20 years old I highly doubt you'll get any taller or larger unless you're hitting up the weight room on a regular basis. I've been 36-38 since I was 17. I still have a couple of items from Zara that I wear including a biker jacket that I bought like 4 years ago, which is a very slim 36 but still fits me great and I love it. Just barely showing signs of wear this winter. Will probably last me another year if I lay off the burgers. You're fortunate in the sense that there's so many great places to shop in new york. And there's always sample sales from top designers that you can get at a small fraction of the price. I'm going to be going in april and already saving up my money to go all out.

                      Stores worth mentioning: Gant, uniqlo, odin, CHCM, epaulet and suitsupply as you've probably already heard.

                      Congrats on your internship and good luck



                        Disagree with the last reply stating that Zara is good for something "new yorker". Zara generally carries things that are very European in style, not American. While you can pull off Euro style in NYC (and much better than in a lot of cities), and many people do, if you're concerned about having the suits to "fit in" at the firm as an intern, it may not be ideal. At your age, I grabbed a few Jos A Bank suits and got them tailored properly (generally, this means NOT using their in-store tailors, who generally go for a "one size fits all" method to tailoring). While not the best suit, it sounds like they'd be fine for the next year or two, and if you wait for a sale (they happen all the time), you can probably grab 2 for the price of 1. As for colors, I'd go pretty basic -- a charcoal or medium gray, and a navy (if you stick with getting 2).



                          Oh please don't do Jos A Bank... Go to eBay first and you can get better quality for less money then take it to a tailor to make it perfect.



                            Before I give any advice, I fully realize that it will go against what most people in here have already said. I'm just pointing some things out and offering a devil's advocate alternative.

                            If you're concerned about growing any more, it will likely be growing UP moreso than growing OUT. So I would expect things like chest size probably won't change much, but things like arm and leg length (and perhaps waist size) might.

                            That being said, I know a LOT of people that gained weight AFTER graduation, completely unrelated to growth. I know I outgrew the suit pants I had in college even though the jacket still fits. So did my brother. You can have your pants let out to a degree, but at some point, enough is enough.

                            So here are some ways to account for those scenarios:

                            You can buy a suit in your current size and NOT tailor the jacket (but still have the pants tailored). That would leave a little bit of wiggle room if you grow out and up. And you can always have it brought it in later if you've decided you won't be doing any more growing. Also, consider leaving a medium break in the pants in case you grow taller. It can be hard to lengthen pants (and jacket arms) if you've been wearing them for a while and the hem gets frayed. It's much safer to go shorter than to go longer. A medium break in the pants is pretty much business standard, anyways, so it would totally fit in.

                            Another option is to just buy a bottom-of-the-barrel suit so that it doesn't matter if you outgrow it. Then it doesn't matter what you do to it.

                            As for shoes, my feet stopped growing long before the rest of me did. If you feel like splurging somewhere, I'd splurge on the shoes. Accessories such as ties and cuff links will also not be outgrown, but tie styles do change over time.




                              Okay, I'm gonna go against the "bottom of the barrel" suit theory. In my opinion it's MORE expensive to buy a cheap throwaway suit than to spend the SAME MONEY on a used nice suit. Why? Because in 2 years when you're ready to move on to another suit you can resell the good suit, but there's nothing you can do with the cheap suit but donate or trash it.