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Shallow v-neck shirts

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    Shallow v-neck shirts

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for suggestions for v-neck shirts that have VERY small/shallow v-necks.

    I'm rather skinny (150lbs), and a v-neck with any depth at all just looks feminine on me.

    I'm told Uniqlo has good options, but I need something close by (I'm in DC).

    For mall brands, I've tried Banana Republic and J Crew, but they both looked ridiculous on me.

    Any suggestions?


    Basically, something like this:




      I have a couple from Kohl's of all places. Don't remember the brand, but one of their house ones with a fancy sounding name. Seem like nice enough shirts, though whereas you are rather skinny, I am rather stout, so I can't much comment on fit.

      Aha, here they are, Sonoma



        I'm 5 foot 8, 158lbs (athletic build) and I really like the fit of the banana republic "small fitted T's," both v-neck and crew. Did you try sizing down? The necks on mine aren't any lower than the second pic you linked.

        I also have a few from H&M which aren't very low, though I rarely wear them since I am exactly between a small and medium in their sizing. They might have different styles though, I'm not very familiar with their stores.



          There are definitely shirts I like better, but if you are looking for VERY shallow V, I have had decent luck with Old Navy's v-necks. I'm not sure if they are still made this way, but a couple years ago they were very shallow. Barely a V.

          Keeping in mind it is Old Navy so the quality is not super high, though neither is the price (I think I got mine for $3-4 on sale).

          For my frame I like the Gap V-necks (not their Deep V style, just the regular). They are insanely soft and a decent price at a sale.

          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



            Is there a specific look or circumstance that you are aiming for? In my opinion, the deep V's are ridiculous on basically anybody, but at the same time, to me, if its right up to my neck it might as well be a crewneck (which to me, looks better than the v with no v).

            Additionally, if worn as an undershirt, a bit more V will allow you to unbutton the top button without showing undershirt, or at least much of it.

            That being said, I just picked up a Target Mossimo white one and its great - lightweight, long enough to tuck under a shirt but short enough to wear on its own. V is intermediate between the two posted pics.

            I find the Gap and J Crew ones to be pretty good too - maybe a bit low for you, but sizing down or drying on high temp might be the trick.

            Good luck out there



              I have to agree with andrew, I feel like if it's too high it looks better as a crewneck. I recently bought a 4-pack of hanes v-necks and they were high for me, but it may be what you're looking for.




                I also recommend Sonoma from Kohl's... they are a great brand

                try Old Navy too, though I think the V might be a little deep for your tastes (even though it's perfect for me)



                  I also endorse the Target Mossimo V-Neck shirts. I've been buying them the last few summers. I also hate deep V-necks, and these are real subtle, only a little more V than a crew neck. Plus they are athletic cut and fit slime without being too tight. They come in a range of colors (given, some are terrible, but most are palatable). They're soft, feel like American Apparel, and are under $10. Only minor complaint: they're a little long and I have a short torso.




                    Scott - only noticed these a couple of weeks ago, do they ever go on sale? Was looking to pick up a stack for undershirts/lounging around on summer days but balk at paying $8.50/undershirt. Thanks



                      I also endorse the Mossimo V-neck tees, I couldn't say much more without echoing what Scott already said, but I got them for $6.99 each at my local target, so they must have had a 20% off or something. Pick up a couple and see what you think and watch for sales, seems like target has a sale for nearly anything



                        +1 for the Mossimo athletic fit vneck tees. I am 5'11 145 lbs and find the smalls to be a perfect fit. The vneck is very shallow and I prefer the material to other vneck tees I own from j crew and joes jeans. Definitely need to pick some up



                          I get mine from Target, Old Navy and H&M. None is too deep. Target/ON are probably the least so.



                            H&M does make some mad deep V-necks. Obviously use discretion when buying. :P



                              Express sells a snug fitting shallow v-neck. Typically either 3 for $40 or buy 2 get one free at 22.50