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You just hit the lottery.. now what?

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    You just hit the lottery.. now what?

    To build financial responsibility into this thread as it may be lacking later, you were given the winning ticket as a gift because you know it is terribly irresponsible to play the lottery. Also, after taking the lump sum over the annuity, you immediately put your new money to work for you via a diversified portfolio aimed at long-term wealth creation.

    With that said, what is your one single (again, financial responsibility) splurge item?! Insofar as it is still fiscally responsible to get a splurge item if you only got one...

    I realize it may not be the smartest thing to ask people really interested in clothing (read: obsessed/addicted to some myself included at times) but curious what comes up. If a thread like this exists or existed shortly ago, my apologies.

    If that dreaded "B" word went out the window for one purchase, I'd pick up this guy: tId=14&HEADERMENUID=1&SUBPRODCATID=0

    No offense to Joe's recent "orange in moderation" post but I love everything about that sport coat.

    Play by the "rules", only one pick


    Might have to do a little more research on this but I just pulled up these fellas and they seem like a solid choice...





        In terms of clothing, though? Hmm. I'd never given it a great deal of thought.

        Maybe a Tom Ford three-piece suit.

        Or some shell cordovan boots.




          Sorry, it wouldn't be clothing.

          I bought a generator last week from a guy who used it to power a vacation home on an island in the Florida Keys. It was a Craigslist find. Anyways, he's trying to sell the islands. It would be a great buy - get the half acre island for about a million then rent it out for $2500+ a week to pay the mortgage.

          I would invest in a hedge fund with 20%+ annualized returns, pick up a lot of rental properties, and fund my wife's tech startups.



            I'd replace one B-word (budget) with another one (bespoke).



              How big is the jackpot? Are we talking power ball? Assuming investing and everything else you mentioned, I'll take this:


              But, I'll settle for this:




                Completely unnecessary splurge item would be a brand new Corvette ZR1. Because it's loud, brash, and unmistakably American. Then i'd take it up to Caravaggio Corvette to get the interior up to 'proper' level. Then i'd take it to Spring Mountain and learn how to drive it.



                  Just for kicks, I looked up the current owner of the first house I listed up above. Go figure... It's Troy Aikman's house.



                    I'd get this: Aston Martin DB9 Coupe


                    And this: 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Coupe Split Window


                    And this: 1966 Shelby GT350


                    And this house:




                      Hmm. Either a million $1 hookers or one $1 million hooker.



                        Relaxing house:


                        And on weekdays:


                        And for vacations (that house from Casino Royale):


                        And this girl:


                        And... oh, was this asking for realistic answers?



                          I'd probably buy a house with a fully stocked walk-in closet, a few cars and some other things.

                          But if I have only one thing to buy, I'll go with the Aston Martin DB9 Coupe and I would be wearing a tux every single day of the week.



                            Haha I should have been more specific, I meant what would be your clothing splurge but interesting answers nevertheless



                              I would buy the AE Strands in Shell Cordovan.