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    Knowing what you've spent on your suits and tailoring, I don't think it makes sense to go digging for a $20 dress shirt. I would find something with neck and sleeve sizing and quality fabric.

    Target/Merona dress shirts really shouldn't be tailored (I know, I mentioned I did above). For the cost of the shirt plus tailoring, I could've bought a BB shirt with neck/sleeve sizing and in a fit that I like (Extra Slim Fit) that didn't need tailoring (except maybe a button moved over). Their dress shirts serve a purpose, but if you're going to spend $400+ on a suit's total cost, it's silly to set $30 as a cap for a dress shirt budget.

    You're on the right track trying out Calibrate shirts, and it sucks that they shrunk up too much for you, but you could size up in the sleeve length or keep hunting for the right OTR fit since there are literally hundreds of options in the shirt department.



      Just to add - I bought a merino Merona v-neck sweater, and I like it. I wish I hadn't put it through the wash, though. I should have just spot cleaned it because now it's got a lot of pills on it.

      What else...I like the Merona Kensington blazer. Their socks are great, but I just exchanged a pair this weekend that had the toes sewn shut. That was weird.

      You get what you pay for, and I like trying cheap options because if they work, I'm really pleased, and if they don't, I'm not too sore about losing out on $25.



        But I only spend $220 on my suits =] That's actually the reason why I need to set a cap(my plastic is almost at its limit). Maybe I'll just hold out til the Nordstrom Biannual sale and wait for the 100% Cotton Calibrate Slim Fits to drop to 30. I hope this year's isn't Non-iron too.



          If you're close to maxing out your credit card, maybe you pay that off first. :-)



            Indeed =[



              I can't attest to the quality of the Merona shirts, but if you have a Nordstrom Rack nearby i would recommend checking them out. I've had great luck with the Nordstrom brand Trim Fit shirts. 100% cotton, multiple colors, proper sizing options (neck/sleeve), and they are priced between $30-35.



                Gotta agree with's not worth going in the red for this.



                  FWIW, the combined total for me and my wife's clothes shopping is about 1% of our annual pre-tax income (not including clothes as gifts).



                    Either you make absurd amounts of money, or that isnt possible. Thats 1000$ a year if you make 100 grand.



                      I alone spend 2% of our income on my clothes. I think that 4% would be a maximum that anyone should spend. Even if you're making millions a year, there's a point where it just makes no sense to buy a $5000 suit or buy $5000 in clothes every month. Even my 2% is not something to sustain - short of it becoming a permanent hobby, I will have covered a lot of bases, especially considering my industry.



                        @Jordan: Your math is right. We're not rich, but we each individually do better than the national average. We're in our early to mid thirties so we probably have more career under our belts than a lot of people in here. Mostly, though, we're just good about the clothes spending. Its all about conscious spending decisions. Sales, clearance, etc. Its literally been YEARS since I paid full price for an article of clothing that retailed over $10. And we only buy versatile stuff that lasts both in style and in quality.

                        Also, if we save money in another budget "bucket", that can be put towards clothes. So if I save some on lunch, I can buy more clothing. That's the only "out" we get, though... baring a major gift, bonus, etc... which hasn't happened yet.



                          FWIW, the quality on these shirts might be ok for the price, but the fit is odd for an athletic build guy, IMO. For reference, I am 6' 185-190lb and usually wear a M or 38-40R. A large fit in the sleeves, but the body was huge (obviously) but still tight across the yoke (back shoulder seam). I thought that was odd since I'm not a huge guy.

                          "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano