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    Merona Quality?

    I'm in the midst of a wardrobe purge, and looking to stock up on some affordable pieces (think along the lines of the $1500 wardrobe with most of the focus on shirts). I've already got a good selection of pants, jeans, and footwear. Pertaining to shirts (both of the casual and dressier varieties) I've noticed Merona mentioned, but have never purchased anything from the brand outside of pocket squares. For the experienced Merona wearers here, how have your shirts (or anything else) held up? Would they be a worthy addition to a business casual/out on the town wardrobe, or am I better off sticking to another brand?

    Keep in mind, I do have already and intend on buying some other shirts (I tend to drift towards the Ralph Lauren custom fit button downs, but they're extremely pricey even on sale). I'm looking to spend $20-$30 per shirt to have a good rotation, so maybe five or six recommendations would be welcome if Merona isn't the way to go.


    I honestly can't speak for Merona. I have some socks and other little things, but that's it. I personally wouldn't buy any actual clothes. My wife has bought other Target branded merchandise and it's worn out quickly for her.

    If you're looking at the $20-30 price range, have you considered Lands End? They often have shirts in that range (especially oxford cloth shirts), and they come with a guarantee.

    Another option is Last Call if you have one nearby. Lately, they've had a persistent sale for french-cuffed trim fit shirts in the $30-35 range (if you've got the cuff links). You can also order from if you know your size.

    I'm sure I'll think of more, and I'll post them when I do.



      I've checked out Lands End Canvas online, but have heard varying reports of quality. I do have a Sears nearby that I haven't been in in ages, so I could always stop by and see if they have any in stock. Unfortunately, I don't have a Last Call nearby.

      I frequent TJ Maxx/Marshall's a bit, as I have one of each nearby, but neck and sleeve shirts are hard to come by in my size (15 1/2-34) for whatever reason. They're either getting scooped up before I get there, or they don't get much of that size in their stock.

      I used to frequent Express for years for the 1MX shirts, and while they are a good selection when on sale, they tend to fade and wear all too easily. I'm looking to avoid needing to rebuy shirts within a year of purchase and grab some things that will hold up for a good while.



        Well, there's eBay. You can get nice shirts there for $10-15 + shipping but it's not so easy finding slim cut. Then there's where you can get nice slim cut shirts for $35.



          I've noticed the same from the 1MX's. Burned through a couple and won't go back.

          And I can personally testify to LE being hit-or-miss., but with a free shipping code and local returns, it makes finding out a little easier. I have noticed that the LE department in my local Sears is VERY weak on men's wear. It's a huge section, but all women's stuff. They literally have one table, one rack, and one shelf for men's clothing. I don't even bother.



            No shirts here, but a few sweaters and polo shirts. Merona is Target, just under a fashionable name. I think for the price, you get good design, decent quality. I have a few things from them that are still holding up. I'd stick to another brand if you can afford better, but Merona is better than I expected. Definitely can do worse than the looks you find with Merona. I also recommend the Land's End and Land's End Canvas brands, as well as Gap/BR on sale.



              I have a Merona dress shirt. No problems with it, really, but it wasn't a slim fit shirt until I had it tailored. If you can fit OTR shirts, boy, you've got a lot of options!



                I'm 5'11 and 160. I've always had some neck and sleeve shirts for formal occasions, or when I felt like being a bit more dressed up than usual. As said I was formerly an Express enthusiast, but due to the shrinking on the 1MX shirts, I'd size up to a large (mediums are far too tight in my shoulders...I felt like I was Hulking out!), but that would make the neck/collar loose whenever I wore a tie. Of course, there's always the option of having those shirts that have lasted thus far tailored.

                Old Navy, years back, as well as GAP, were perfect for shirts like this, but I've noticed a big drop in the quality of Old Navy's button downs, and the sizing in both brands seems to be off, IMO. I have a few slim fit shirts from GAP, and I've got one that fits perfectly, while the other feels like it's been painted on.

                I don't mean to sound cocky when I say I've always dressed well, but now that I've surpassed the magical age of 30, I'm looking to expand my horizons into dressy being the norm, with casual days being in the minority. I'm in an office environment where I was actually told I overdress (no such thing, imo). I don't wear a suit to work, but have worn a blazer, button downs with chinos, and your typical office fare. That said, there are people wearing casual button downs showcasing logo t-shirts and distressed jeans around me, so I can see their point. I'm not against dressing like that, but I'm one of those "dress for the jobs you want, not the one you have" kind of guys. This is why I'm doing the wardrobe purge...there's too much casual that I could stand to get rid of most of it, and via ebay or other means, fund a decent addition to the wardrobe that will last me. Single guy with rent to pay doesn't often leave room for shopping sprees, as mentioned in the "budget" thread last week.



                  I would take a half day and go store-to-store looking for a brand that fits you well. Some brands run long or short in the sleeves or body, have neck/sleeve combinations that match you better, or have slim fits that fit you best.

                  I've done that and have given up on a perfect OTR fit and only buy things that I would wear with the collar unbuttoned, etc. Still, I think it's worth exploring all your options, Merona included!



                    @Zack if you're gonna make dress shirts a regular thing, get the good ones. Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, Charles Tyrwhitt, or some Banana Republic would be the minimum I'd suggest for you. They cost a bit more but they're worth it.



                      Merona isn't great quality but they aren't horrible either and they are cheap and there is a new slim fit that fits pretty well. The last target I was in had the both the regular fit and the slim.



                        @Jason I do have a good selection of good quality dress shirts. Some tailored fit from Jos. A Bank, some Ralph Lauren, some Calvin Klein, etc. I do certainly plan on investing in more for that portion of the wardrobe (and was recently looking at Brooks Brothers, in fact). This is more for me to purge the casual "jeans and an untucked button down" ensembles and grab a few things that can be dressy without getting too pricey. Just a bit of versatility so that I can look the part whether it's at the office, or grabbing drinks at the pub afterwards. The Merona's caught my eye because I'm always in Target, but haven't purchased any clothing save for t-shirts there in years. I do have a friend who swears by the Merona shirts, but he's kind of a "I dress up because I have to, not because I want to" kind of guy, so he's essentially just grabbing any old button downs without caring about brand or quality.

                        It's funny though. While going on this purge I'm getting a LOT of the "why did I buy this" reactions as I look at the shirts and other things I'm pulling out. I'm looking to cut that thought process down as much as possible with the new additions.



                          I have 3-4 Merona dress shirts, but none of them have seen more than 4-5 washes so I can't say much about longevity. So far, so good. They have outlasted my only shirt ever purchased from express, which got a spot of noticeably lightened color in the back after the second wash (there is a chance someone who isn't me spilled some diluted bleach, admittedly).

                          I have seen many RL custom fit shirts at both of my local TJ Maxx stores. Generally they are going for $40 to $50 I think.

                          If you are here, you are probably going to want to get your shirt fitted anyway, so why not just thrift a few with necks and sleeves that fit and get them altered? I paid $1 for my favorite button-down, and I barely look for shirts.



                            The biggest problem with Merona for me is the cut (unless they have changed recently). If you insist on that price I'd look at Gap slim fit and wait for it to go on sale/clearance. They have a better cut and more interesting patterns and colors.



                              Want to revive this instead of starting my own thread. What do the shirts feel like? I'm hoping to find either the "ultimate" or "slim fit" at my target and want to ask how it feels. I am returning the Calibrate Slim fits because the sleeve shrunk too much. I've read that These fit well in terms of sleeve length. How is the fabric? I know it's decent, but how thin is it? Feel? Longevity? is it 100% cotton? I need shirts that size in 36. Will this be too short? I saw that these are 40% poly(hrm) and I know poly doesn't shrink as much.

                              My options right now are returning my slim fit(non-iron, and feels kind of rough,but better than my $15 H&M ones) and getting the correct size or using the refund to buy these(not offered in sleeve length sizes). What do y'all think?