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LL Bean Canvas Harrington jacket--need advice

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    LL Bean Canvas Harrington jacket--need advice

    I can't decide what I think of it. I want to like it, it's really well made. But my housemate seems to think it's something his Grandpa would wear. Some photos of me wearing a medium. Tags still on, what do you guys think? Keep it or not? In retrospect, I sort of wish I had ordered the soapstone, but I couldn't decide about the colour. I'm also really tall, so while the arms fit fine, it seems short in the body.


    Body is too short in my opinion. However, I really like the jacket and think it looks very stylish otherwise.



      Maybe a little too short in the body, but looks pretty good... I wouldn't wear an untucked shirt coming out from under it though.

      Maybe your housemates grandpa was really dapper and cool?



        That's what I thought too. Though if I recall my chat with CS correctly, the large is only half an inch longer in the body, so it's supposed to be short to a certain extent.

        It may look shorter because I wasn't wearing a belt at the time, so my pants are slouching a bit.

        Photo with pants pulled up (can you tell I'm trying to justify it). I just know a large will be a tent on me, so I really want this medium to fit!

        Also, agreed about not wearing it with an untucked shirt, I just chose a bright, long shirt to give contrast.



          I like it too, maybe wear it with a shirt you can tuck in? I think having the shirt stick out from the bottom draws attention to how short the jacket is, or even makes it look shorter than it really is.



            It is my understanding that Harrington Jackets are supposed to sit at/right below the waist. Also, don't listen to your housemates. They are very classic jackets worn by everyone from Elvis to Sinatra to British Mods.



              By the way, I think I might grab one in Soapstone. I was looking for a spring jacket. Does LL Bean run sale code, or is that the best price I'll be able to buy it at?



                Dude your roommate definitely does not know what he's talking about. I second Jason. His grandpa must me a rock star. That is a classic jacket, especially the navy, which in your picture looks like a little darker than I thought it would look but maybe because of the lighting. Anyway, this jacket won't ever go out of style. And it's very flexible with how to style it.

                Regarding fit, I think you got the right size. Like trash said, you're not doing it any favors by wearing such a long shirt. It makes it look smaller than it really is. Tuck in the shirt or wear a shorter one and measure the length of the jacket as it falls to your jeans. The jacket should sit somewhere among the belt loops of your waist, like so:

                If it fits too short. You might want to size up. Don't be afraid of the jacket looking a little relaxed. As you can see from the coolest dude ever, his jacket was a little relaxed too. But I personally think the size you have now is the right size.



                  It's very definitely navy, and it's the lighting that makes it look darker. It's a fantastic color.




                    Thread rez:

                    For people who got this, any comments on the sizing? I was thinking getting a medium, but after reading some posts on reddit, I'm wondering if small might be a better choice. I generally wear medium for other items, but then again, I also wasn't very style-sensitive until very recently.

                    I'm about 5'9" 140lb. I've got a 15.5" neck, 34" arms, and 30" waist. I don't remember my chest size, but I'm guessing it's a 38. So my dilemma is that mediums fit my shoulders well, but they can also be a little baggy at the side and bottom.

                    If you guys have tips on the sizing (and the colors for that matter), I'd love to hear them.




                      Hey DrBenji, just how tall are you? I was looking at the same jacket but stayed my wallet because I was afraid having exactly the problem you've got there. I'm 6:1.5 and that's my honest to goodness height. I'm not sure that the body length would bother me as much as the sleeve length would. I hate shirts that aren't long enough in the sleeves. The sleeves look a tad short on you, what's your sleeve length? I usually wear a 36.



                        really nice jacket. I'm in college and like it. Looked at it during one of their sales but couldn't buy it due to saving for vacation